The Latino Studies minor provides students with an understanding of the history, cultures and contemporary issues of Latin Americans and Latinos in the U.S. using interdisciplinary approaches. Comparative and diverse developmental perspectives illuminate links among the countries and peoples of the Americas. 

A minor in Latino Studies can serve as a useful basis for students in criminal justice, social sciences, English, business and public administration, psychology, health administration, social work and interdisciplinary studies.

Minor Requirements

Students must:

  • meet with the minor advisor to determine course selection and complete a study plan
  • complete all of the courses with a grade of C or better. 

I.  Required Courses (3 Hours)

ICS 5500 Perspectives in Latino Studies (3)

II.  Selectives (15 Hours) 

With the assistance of the minor advisor students select five courses from the following:

ART 5523 Pre-Columbian Art and Cultures (3)

COMS 4705 Intercultural Communication (3)

ENGL 4131 Comparative Latin American Literature (3)

HIST 4470 Latin American History (3)

ICS 4630 Hispanic Experience in the U.S. (3)

ICS 4650 Latin America: Culture and Society (3)

POLS 4480 Politics of Latin America (3)

Advisor Information

Ellen Walsh (A through M)
Assistant Professor

Andrae Marak (N through Z)
Division Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences