The Student Enrichment Program is specifically designed to support and motivate first generation, low-income and academic probation undergraduate students in achieving academic, personal and professional success.

Are you a first generation low income student, looking for a welcoming and supportive environment where the students and staff function as a team in working towards your academic goals?  

SEP does just that! Through continuously adapting the multiple facets of the SEP to best fit the needs of our diverse student population. Whether you are looking to increase your GPA, advance your professional skills or are seeking an extra “edge” in your classes, the SEP is dedicated to work with all GSU students towards the goal of college graduation. 

The SEP accepts new members at the beginning of each academic term (Fall, Spring and Summer). 

  • Mission:


    The Student Enrichment Program mission is to provide programming, support and resources that will promote academic excellence, degree completion, self-awareness, socialization and professional development to our under-served students. The purpose of the program is to increase graduation and retention rates among the population served at GSU.

  • Program Benefits/Services:


     Student Success Workshops

    The SEP provides workshops throughout the semester which are designed to enhance skills critical for academic success and aid in the student's social, personal and academic transitions to college.

         Workshop topics include:

            Time Management 

            Stress Management 

            Test/Presentation Anxiety

            Note Taking Skills 

            Study Habits 

            Graduate School

  • Individualized Academic Support and Guidance


    SEP members are encouraged to meet with the SEP regularly throughout the semester. This allows the SEP to design an individualized needs assessment and suggest specific SEP workshops and resources we believe will aid in their success.

  • Student Networking:


    According to a recent study by the United States Department of Labor, networking accounts for 69 percent of new hires annually. Through workshops and individual meetings, the SEP is dedicated towards educating its members in how to network effectively. Students are strongly encouraged to begin honing these skills through creating meaningful connections with other students and staff at GSU. As networking development is a lifelong process, the SEP emphasizes continuous practice of these skills in order to best prepare students for life after graduation.


  • Professional Development:


    Work in progress

  • Early Alert:


    As a SEP member, you have the choice to be enrolled in the Early Academic Alert Program. The Early Alert program consists of a series of three emails to the student’s advisor and professors with the belief that the earlier an academically at-risk student is identified, the more likely the student can be connected to the proper resources to remedy the problem. This program operates purely for the student’s benefit and is designed as a tool in facilitating a student’s continued academic success.


  • How to Join


    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Enrichment Program, please complete the participation form by clicking on the link below.

    We will be accepting applications for the upcoming semester. Upon review of your application, you will be notified of your acceptance into the SEP.

  • FAQs


    What is the Student Enrichment Program?

    The SEP is a university-funded program/research study which offers free services designed to assist students in achieving academic, professional and personal success. The goal of our program is to help participants transition and thrive in the collegiate environment while preparing them to succeed in whatever they choose to do after graduation. The benefits of our program include individualized learning and study skills assessment, supplementary academic advising, professional development opportunities and college success workshops.

    Can everyone participate in the SEP?

    The SEP is designed to assist our traditionally under-served students.  Students must be either:

    Low income (as determined by the Office of Financial Aid)

    First Generation (neither parent graduated with a four-year college/university degree)

    On Academic Probation I or II

    Does admission into Governor’s State University guarantee admission into the SEP?

    No, admission into the SEP is an educational opportunity separate from general university admission. The SEP only serves a limited number of students each semester. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the participation application as early as possible before the semester you wish to join the SEP.

    Why should I become a member?

    SEP provides an individualized academic support system from enrollment through graduation. The program can help you build on your strengths while also addressing areas which can be improved. As a participant, you will learn about your personal learning style, additional university services, and other opportunities which are not readily available to all GSU students.

    What are the requirements of being a member?

    Students are strongly encouraged to utilize specific services based on our recommendations. Through individualized meetings and careful analysis of a learning and study strategies test, SEP staff will suggest specific college success workshops, strategies and resources we believe will help the student achieve his/her goals. Members are expected to be committed and serious about earning a degree and taking advantage of the SEP services.

    Can SEP help me with the transition to GSU?

    Yes. SEP offers a variety of supportive services for new and continuing GSU students. Our program is dedicated towards working with students throughout their time at GSU, offering services which emphasize proactive strategies to successfully handle the social, personal and academic adjustments to college.

    I am satisfied with my GPA, why should I join SEP?

    SEP offers a personalized learning and study assessment to more effectively increase your academic performance. SEP monitors your grades to ensure your academic goals will be met and/or exceeded. SEP also offers student engagement and professional development opportunities with the belief that more well-rounded students are more competitive in the job/graduate school application process.

    Can the SEP help me connect with other students on campus?

    Yes. The SEP is committed towards enhancing student’s overall collegiate experience through offering connections to campus resources such as student organizations/clubs, Career Services and professional development opportunities.

    I am unsure if my major is right for me. Can the SEP help?

    Absolutely. The SEP offers students supplemental academic advising and planning. SEP can help you determine programs which best suit your interests, strengths, and long-term plans. 

    Does it cost any money to join the SEP?

    No, the SEP is a university funded program and offers FREE services to students.

    How long can I remain in the program?

    Members can remain in SEP until they graduate, or for a minimum of two semesters.

  • Contact Information:


    Campus Location: A 2126

    Phone: 708.235.2845


    Manar "Mimi" Jaber 

    SEP - Undergraduate Assistant

    Naila Silva

    SEP - Graduate Assistant

    Tamekia Scott, MS.Ed  Coordinator of Community Standards

    SEP Program Coordinator