The undergraduate minor in history provides students with a rich and thorough complement to their major field of study by requiring a sustained focus of 18 to 21 credits in United States or Global History, assists in developing their academic and professional skills, and provides opportunities to participate in responsible citizenship and democratic engagement. The program emphasizes the development of skills that are essential for success in the workplace and the students' chosen careers.

The curriculum is designed to help students build their skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and research and information retrieval. Students completing the undergraduate minor in history will have developed the ability to think clearly and critically and to assess and analyze complex issues and arguments-skills that can be applied to many different occupations, including government work, non-profit work, public policy work, and work in cultural and social service organizations. Some history minors majoring in secondary education later obtain teacher certification and become history teachers.

Minor Requirements

Introductory Requirements: (minimum 6 credit hours):

All students in the history minor will be required to take at least one of the introductory U.S. history courses (HIST 1110 or HIST 1120) and at least one other course on this list.

HIST 1110 U.S. History I (3)

HIST 1120 U.S. History II (3)

HIST 2700 World History I (3)

HIST 2710 World History II (3)

Electives: (minimum 12 credit hours):

All students in the history minor will be required to take at least three of the 3-credit courses as part of the 12-credit requirement. Credits earned through Independent Study (HIST 4700) or Internship in History (HIST 4800) can comprise no more than 3 of the 12-credit minimum.

HIST 3010 Key Issues in State and Federal Constitutional Government (3)

HIST 3100 U.S. Economic History (3)

HIST 4100 Beyond the Dream (3)

HIST 4101 Topics in Global History (3)

HIST 4110 History of Illinois (3)

HIST 4115 Modern African History (3)

HIST 4150 Modern U.S. History, 1900-1945 (3)

HIST 4160 Modern U.S. History, 1945-present (3)

HIST 4200 American Urban History (3)

HIST 4250 Topics in American History (3)

HIST 4300 Modern Middle Eastern History (3)

HIST 4330 Ancient Chinese History (3)

HIST 4340 Modern Chinese History (3)

HIST 4400 Black Experience in the U.S. (3)

HIST 4410 Black Women in the U.S. (3)

HIST 4420 Caribbean History (3)

HIST 4440 History of Civil Rights (3)

HIST 4450 African Slavery in America (3)

HIST 4460 Latin America to Independence (3)

HIST 4470 Latin America from Independence (3)

HIST 4480 Pre-Colonial African History (3)

HIST 4500 Women in American History (3)

HIST 4510 Women in World History (3)

HIST 4650 Modern European History (3)

HIST 4670 Russia in the 20th Century (3)

HIST 4700 Independent Study (1 to 4)

HIST 4800 Internship in History (1 to 4)

Total minimum credit hours to minor program completion: 18

Advisor Information

Ellen Walsh (A-G)
Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Johnson (H-M)
Associate Professor

David Golland (N-Z)
Assistant Professor