Employment of mathematicians is expected to increase at a faster than average rate when compared to all occupations. Employment of actuaries is expected to increase by 21 percent over the 2008-2018 period, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2010-2011"

Learn the knowledge and skills you need for both current and future job markets with an M.S. in Mathematics from Governors State University. With this degree, you will master two of the most valued workplace attributes - the ability to think critically and to solve problems. 

Outstanding Preparation

The graduate mathematics program qualifies you for careers using mathematics. The program emphasizes problem solving and mathematical inquiry. Course work covers a wide range of mathematics including abstract algebra, probability and statistics, combinatorics, advanced calculus, the history of mathematics, financial mathematics and mathematical modeling, while emphasizing both the applied and theoretical aspects of these disciplines. The use of the most current mathematics technology will help you analyze and solve problems like an experienced mathematician. 

Students who wish to pursue actuarial careers are prepared to take the initial two actuarial examinations by completing one of the required core courses and one elective mathematics course in financial mathematics. Students who wish to strengthen their knowledge of computer science may select two computer science courses under the direction of their advisor.

Program Fact Sheet

Required Preparation

Each semester, two courses will be offered one evening per week. Additional elective courses will also be available each term for students who wish to enroll full time. 

Special Admissions Requirement

In addition to the university admissions requirements, students must have:

  • a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 (out of a possible 4.0). Students seeking admission to the GSU Master of Science in Mathematics program with a GPA lower than 2.75 may petition to the graduate program coordinator for admission.
  • submit a letter of application including a statement of personal interest in pursuing a master's degree in mathematics,
  • submit three professional or academic letters of reference 

Students may apply for the Master of Science in Mathematics program at Governors State University with a baccalaureate degree in any field from an accredited university. An undergraduate major in mathematics, actuarial science, engineering, business, science or computer science is recommended. Students must have completed, with a grade of C or higher, a three-semester sequence in calculus, a course in modern algebra, a course in linear algebra and a course in analysis. Students may be conditionally admitted if they do not meet the undergraduate prerequisites for the graduate core courses.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements for candidacy outlined in the catalog, students must complete the following requirements in order to attain the master's degree:

  • the remaining elective courses such that the GPA for all elective courses is a B (3.00 of 4.00) or better, no more than one course with a grade of C will be accepted and no grades below a C will be accepted
  • the graduate thesis/project (MATH 8900) or graduate seminar (MATH 8950) and presentation (MATH 8990) with a Pass grade, which is determined by a vote of the three member graduate project committee. 

I.  Required Core Courses (15)

Students must complete the following:

MATH 6449   Linear Algebra II (3)

MATH 6451   Modern Algebra II (3)

MATH 8117   History of Mathematical Ideas (3)

MATH 8505   Advanced Probability (3)

MATH 8623   Mathematical Modeling  (3) 

II. Electives (15)

Students must also complete 15 hours of electives selected from any of the following courses. Students may also take courses in different areas with the program coordinator's approval. 

MATH 6229   Advanced Calculus (3)

MATH 6337   Modern Geometry (3)

MATH 6373   Topology (3)

MATH 6637   Mathematical Computing (3)

MATH 7121   Combinatorics and Graph Theory (3)

MATH 7211   Advanced Calculus for Educators (3)

MATH 7369   Differential Geometry (3)

MATH 8219   Topics in Analysis (3)

MATH 8243   Partial Differential Equations (3)

MATH 8523   Financial Mathematics (3) 

Up to 6 hours of courses from related disciplines may be substituted for the elective courses with approval of the program coordinator including the courses below: 

CPSC 6562   Numerical Algorithms (3)

CPSC 6660   Artificial Intelligence (3)

CPSC 8810   Formal Languages and Automata (3)

CPSC 8815   Natural Language Processing (3)



III. Required graduate thesis/project/seminar (4)

Students must complete a graduate thesis, project or seminar as part of a capstone course and present their work to the mathematics community at Governors State University. Students can select one of the following options: 

MATH 8900   Graduate Thesis/Project (3) or

MATH 8950   Graduate Seminar Option (3) and

MATH 8990   Graduate Presentation (1) 

IV. Total graduate - 34 credits

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the university requirements for a master's degree found in the GSU Catalog. Please meet with your faculty advisor during the first semester to complete your study plan.

Advisor Information

Dianna Galante
Associate Professor
Academic Program Coordinator