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Summer 2014 Semester College of Arts and Sciences Dean's List

Congratulations to the CAS undergraduate students below for their hard work and strong scholarship!

To be eligible for the Dean's List, you must be an undergraduate student in good standing, enrolled in at least six credit hours, and have completed all course work with a 3.7 term grade point average or better. Students with missing or incomplete ("I") grades are not eligible. 


Adan Alvarado

Caitlin Amescua

Seth Arriaga

Rachel Avelis


Melissa Baron

Courtney Barrios

Mary Kathryn Barton

Aminat Bello

Lauren Bernard

Briana Bienkowski

Brian Blouin

Brian Bock

Tanisha Bond

Jodie Bonds

Tashia Boyd

Gerald Branch-Bey

Stefan Brandt

Janet Bullaro

Christie Byrd-Thurman


Hillary Carroll

Lonnie Cavitt

Derrick Chambliss

Snehal Chavda

Agata Ciach

Daniel Coglianese

Rubye Coleman

Alicia Compton

Jessica Connolly

Larhonda Cooper

Justine Cormier

Pat Crean

Ashley Cuccinello


Robert Dahlberg

Shaun Dauksas

Angenet Davis

Talisha Davis

Karyn Decuir

Kyle Delnegro

Patrick Dillard

Suzanne Doggett

Robert Donovan


Alexia Esparza


Christopher Fielding

Jake Flanagan

Marlan Foster

Latiana Franklin


Rosemarie Garner

Jan Gathing

William Geraghty

Tyrone Gipson

Dulce Gonzalez

Monika Gruszczyk

Jacob Guenther

Katrina Guthrie


Melanie Handlon

Brian Heisterman

David Henzler

Kyra Houseman

Dana Hussein


Matthew Jennings

Daniel Johnson

Denice Johnson

Monique Jones

Haley Jumapao

Brittney Junkins


Kennise Keaton

Lori Kehoe

Collice King

Eric Kipilla

Karl Koch

Denise Koehne

Michael Konwinski

Tomas Koslab

Zachary Kulak


Yves Lafontant

Karolina Latocha

Jeffrey Lea

Chaquita Lewis

Steven Lund


Bianca MacNeal

Daniel Malloy

Timothy Manning

Jerry Martin

Eliceo Martinez

Hinal Mehta

Brian Menke

Robert Meyers

Maureen Millay

Kyle Minett

Tyra Mitchell

Ben Moore

Terry Moore

Mia Morales

Takina Morris

Dana Muersch


Lois Nemeth

Lois Nemeth

Illona Nykaza


Similoluwa Oluwole

Maduakolam Oparah


Guadalupe Pacheco

Manishkumar Patel

Mayank Patel

Lora Paulson

Michelle Pawela

Adlin Pazmino

Gina Pechulis

Phoebe Peterson

Cody Potocki

Nancy Preston

Justin Purvis


Kaitlyn Raich

Ryan Ratkowski

Elizabeth Rivera

Tanjaneek Roberts

Robert Rohde

Neal Rooney

Dametria Rosenthal


Andrew Salata

Juan Salgado

Briana Schafer

Desiree Schierholz

Jessica Schneider

Alyssa Semetis

Farhan Siddiqui

Johnny Smith

Shalonda Smith

Tamara Smith Olubunmi

Carrie Smith-wrich

Angela Spyropoulos

Jessica Stacy

Christina Stultz


Michelle Tamayo

Lysa Taylor

Crystal Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Jazmen Domyniqu Thompson

Abbey Tishka

Michael Trumbull

Delaina Turner


Mychael Vanarsdale

Richard Velasquez

Christie Voltattorni


Ann Wehr

Kelly Wehrley

David Westerhausen

Yulonda Whisby

Russell Wick

Richard Wilk

Sterling Williams

Matthew Wohlberg

Larry Word

William Wright


Anitra Young


Andrew Zumhagen


Smart Policing: Improving Policing through Research and Analytics
Chip Coldren

Dr. James "Chip" Coldren was published as lead author on an article in Police Quarterly concerning ongoing efforts elevate the rigor of research on police crime prevention practices, and to enhance police agency capacity for research and analysis. This article serves as the introduction to a special issue of Police Quarterly devoted entirely to the Smart Policing Initiative, for which Dr. Coldren serves as national Director for Training and Technical Assistance.

Just last month, the Department of Justice refunded Smart Policing for another three years, and Dr. Coldren anticipates continuing this work vigorously. Dr. Coldren also co-authored another recently funded proposal (Evidence Based Violent Reduction Strategies), which will involve implementing collaborative crime prevention strategies in 20 of the most violent communities in America. He awaits a decision on a third proposal to implement a randomized experiment with body worn cameras in a western police agency.

If you have an interest in Dr. Coldren's work on the Smart Policing Initiative, please visit Smart Policing

Communicating in the Five Love Languages
Karen Holman

There is a new exciting workshop offered quarterly at GSU entitled Communicating in the Five Love Languages. Ever wonder why you and your loved one cannot seem to make the right connection? It may be because you are not communicating love in the language that your loved one understands. Join this one-hour interactive workshop and understand how to communicate love in a way that is understood. Former students have said "This workshop has changed my life." For additional information, please see the course schedule in the GSU Portal

Communication and Training Program Alumna Named Prairie State College President
Marilyn Yirku

Congratulations to Dr. Terry Winfrey, an alumna of the Master of Arts in Communication and Training Program. Terry has recently been named President of Prairie State College. During her installation, Terry thanked her instructors at GSU for not only providing an excellent education, but for inspiring her to succeed beyond her expectations. COMT is very, very proud of her.