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CAS is pleased to welcome John R. Sowa, Ph.D. as chair of the newly created Division of Chemistry and Biological Sciences. Dr. Sowa is an organic chemist with teaching and research expertise in mechanistic and synthetic organic chemistry including cross-disciplinary expertise in spectroscopy (IR, MS, NMR), analytical separations (HPLC, GC) and environmental chemistry. Previously, Dr. Sowa had appointments at The Scripps Research Institute, Seton Hall University, Wuhan University and the University of Minnesota. His B.S. is from Manhattan College and Ph.D. from Iowa State University. As GSU alumni, what are your ideas about expanding GSUs education and research programs for Chicago Southland's intellectual and economic benefit?

Dr. Sowa recently co-authored and article entitled "Detection of Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Raw Menhaden Fish Oil Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Method and Development," in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2015.

Erin K. Grey-Avis, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences has co-authored three new publications: "Evaluation of  Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus, megalopal settlement and condition during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill," in PLoS ONE, 2015; "Rapid molecular detection of invasive species in ballast and harbor water by integrating environmental DNA and Light Transmission Spectroscopy," in Environmental Science & Technology, 2015;"Transport of blue crab larvae in the northern Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill," in  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2015.

Dr. Grey-Avis welcomes to her research laboratory Yuri Lopez. Ms. Lopez just completed an internship in the Geological Society of America MOSAICS in Science program at the Indianan Dunes National Park. During the internship she completed a dragonfly biodiversity survey of the park, created a dichotomous key for dragonfly identification and developed two apps for citizen-science monitoring of dragonflies. In addition, she presented a poster of her work at the National Park Service in Washington DC where she also learned more about career opportunities. Ms. Lopez is pursuing her MS in Environmental Biology at GSU.

Mary E. Carrington, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and GSU graduate student E. M. McKee published an article entitled "West Nile virus antibody decay rate in free-ranging birds," in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases 2015. In addition, Dr. Carrington has an article in press in the on-line journal Biotropica entitled "Post-hurricane seedling structure in a multi-aged tropical dry forest: Implications for community succession;". This summer, Dr. Carrington presented the research results of undergraduate students L. Baldacci, N. Jankowski, C. Kirian, M. Levins, A. Merisko, M. Mohammad, and G. Robertson at the Seventh Midwest-Great Lakes SER Chapter Meeting, Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe, IL. Mary also presented "Forest succession in tropical hardwood hammocks of the Florida Keys 19 years after Hurricane Andrew," at the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Baltimore, MD.

Prof. Shailendra (Shelly) Kumar, Department of Chemistry and co-author Dr. Gregory Webster (AbbVie, Inc., North Chicago) published an article in Analytical Chemistry entitled "Expanding the Analytical Toolbox: Pharmaceutical Application of Quantitative NMR" in December 2014. Their article was also selected as the theme for the cover of the December 2, 2014 issue of the journal.

Summer 2015 Semester College of Arts and Sciences Dean's List

Congratulations to the CAS undergraduate students below for their hard work and strong scholarship!

To be eligible for the Dean's List, you must be an undergraduate student in good standing, enrolled in at least six credit hours, and have completed all course work with a 3.7 term grade point average or better. Students with missing or incomplete ("I") grades are not eligible. 


Diana Acosta

Abeer Adi

Ghadeer Adi

Aryana Adkanian

Salvador Arias

Myrna Asencio

Wanda Atterberry

Courtney Barrios

Algreda Barron

Willie Barron

David Beltran

Rebecca Bolton

Jacqueline Brown

Sparkel Brown

Lakesha Burton

Piotr Bzdyk

Candace Capolillo

Kaitlyn Carpenter

Luke Carr

Derrick Chambliss

Jehan Chapple

Snehal Chavda

Stacy Clam

Alfred Collier

Jessica Connolly

Gerard Creamer

Nicholas Crot

Julie Crowley

Jacqueline Cunningham

Arij Dababneh

Manal Dabbouseh

Shaun Dauksas

Kyle Delnegro

Sarah Deluca

Annie Detloff

Mallory Elias

Alexia Esparza

Deborah Fields-Bates

Steven Follenweider

Alex Gahan

Connie Gant-Collins

David Gethers

Heather Glockler

Kelly Goetzler

Elisia Gonzalez

Joshua Gravitt

Janusz Guros

Michelle Hale

Melanie Handlon

Aina Harris

Brittnee Harris

Renee Hawthorne

Anthony Haynes

Natalie Helberg

Sarah Hirsch

Nicholas Hozzian

Prescious Hubbard

Lisa Jackson

Ryan Januszyk

Simon Jarzabek

Jacob Jerkovich

Shaquita Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Catina Jones

Claude Jones

Thaddeus Jones

Jason Jordan

Joseph Kasper

Kennise Keaton

Meagan Kelly

Hani Khatib

Felice Kimbrew

Michael Konwinski

Abigail Lebioda

Jo-ann Ledger

Niyah Lewis

Paul Lorenzini

Everardo Lorenzo-Morales

Ariel Mack

Raji Martinez

Grzegorz Maryniarczyk

Jennifer McCorkle

Brian Menke

Margaret Miller

Terry Moore

Michelle Morisette-West

Calvin Muenchow

Dana Muersch

Giancarlo Narcisi

Armont Nash

Danyel Nelson

Sheila Nesbit

Stella Nichols

Jasmine Ochoa

Ebenezer Okrah

Similoluwa Oluwole

Michelle Palmore

Markeeta Parker

Rene Parks

Chintan Patel

Gina Pechulis

Domonique Peteet

Kimberly Peterson

Nancy Preston

Arturo Ramos

Nicole Reyes

Gerald Roberson

Julia Roberts

McHenry Robinson

Axel Rutter

Tiffany Saletta-Kerrigan

Natalie Sanfratello

Jasmine Santoyo

Jessica Schneider

Yamini Shah

David Shelton

Edward Sherman

Laura Simpson

Amanda Sitar

Kevin Smith

Elijah Sofowora

Vanity Spruill

Erin Stadtler

Leif Swan

LaRoi Sykes

Jazmen Thompson

Damian Tucker

Mychael Vanarsdale

Francisco Vasquez

Frank Walker

Zhaoyang Wei

Bradley Wheeler

Russell Wick

Jennifer Williams-Mubarak

Cherry Young

Michael Zapata