Get a Certificate from GSU! The use of the Internet to deliver education and training in fully-online and web-enhanced formats continues to expand rapidly, creating a need for professionals with the skills to develop curriculum and facilitate high-quality online learning. The certificate program in online teaching prepares faculty members and trainers in all settings to design, produce, and facilitate online courses in accordance with best-practice guidelines. Every course is offered online with no on-campus requirements.

The certificate is offered at the graduate level; students must have completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited, post-secondary institution. The Certificate in Online Teaching will be awarded to participants who complete the 12-credit-hour program with a "B" or better in each required course. The required courses include the following:

ONTL 6101 (previously ONTL 650) Introduction to Online Teaching ( 3 )
Introduces learners to the technology, communications tools, learning processes, and pedagogies that are involved in developing and teaching online courses. 

ONTL 6201 (previously ONTL 651) Facilitating Online Learning ( 3 )
Presents facilitation strategies for use in teaching online courses. Reviews methods for establishing interactive learning communities, engaging students in active learning, providing timely feedback, encouraging time on task, and responding to diverse talents and ways of learning. Prerequisite: ONTL 6101

ONTL 7101 (previously ONTL 652) Designing Online Courses ( 3 ) Addresses curriculum design for online learning using best practice guidelines. Explores student-content, student-faculty, and student-student interactions, incorporation of feedback and assessment strategies, and the design of online elements to meet accessibility standards. Emphasizes design of sample instructional units. Prerequisite: ONTL 6201.  

ONTL 7201 (previously ONTL 653) Producing Digital Content ( 3 ) Introduces software products available to create digital content for online courses, including audio, presentation, graphics, and video content. Best practices will be explored and applied to producing content elements for online courses. Accessibility issues and strategies to address multiple learning styles will be explored. Prerequisite: ONTL 7101.

Courses must be taken one at a time each semester in consecutive order. Apply early! Application approval may take 2-4 weeks once all materials are received.

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Once you completed the Certificate Program please fill out the two documents below and send them to Barbara Mandel -

Student Study Plan

 Application Award Certificate