The mission of the Master of Social Work Program at Governors State University is to provide quality education that advances the professional development of students seeking a graduate education in social work, who will in turn be prepared to empower and to enhance the well-being of children and families, groups, organizations and communities they serve. In addition, we are strongly committed to working collaboratively with the communities surrounding Governors State University in order to support the achievement of their community action, social transformation and justice goals.

In carrying out our mission, the Master of Social Work Program transmits social work knowledge, skills and values that specifically address the unique needs of the region served by Governors State University. Located at the edge of the Chicago metropolitan area where the distance from city to farmland is small, the university serves a broad range of communities with constantly changing boundaries, varied environs, culturally diverse populations and economic conditions that range from extreme poverty to established wealth.

Our program is dedicated to the educational advancement of social workers who are capable of critically analyzing the needs of these diverse communities, and who will promote within their social service and welfare organizations and communities the development of systemic change to promote social justice and counter the effects of oppression.