The Visual Arts Gallery is in transition April 1 through April 7 and will reopen April 8 with "Denise Milan: Mist of the Earth"

Meet the artist: Tuesday, April 9 at 4 p.m. 

The Visual Arts Gallery and Visiting Brazilian Artist Denise Milan present: 

Mist of the Earth 


Meet the Artist - Artist’s Talk: Tuesday, April 9, 2024

4pm room F-1622 Lecture Hall

5-7pm reception to follow, Visual Arts Gallery

"Mist of the Earth" has three themes: Paradise, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained – a reexamining of the medieval myth of Brazil as paradise on Earth since the Age of Discoveries.  Denise Milan's vision of her home country takes the viewer on a journey of imagination and reflection about its memory and history. The promises of abundance and exuberance found in verdant nature, the disaster of despoiling and tearing apart the land and its people, and at last the message of resilience, hope, and healing.

Mist of the Earth” was on view in 2012 at the Chicago Cultural Center and since that time its themes and messages have only become more relevant. The artist presents a testament to the troubling legacy of colonization: the conquest of the land and the original indigenous populations of Brazil, the enslavement of African People, and the devastation of whole regions – all leading to the loss of the life-asserting side of Brazil, its beauty and soaring spirit. 

In October of 2022, “Earth the Blue Stone” and “Circle of Gold: Destruction and Renewal” were installed on GSU’s campus (in front of G Building) by theNate Sculpture Park; these sculptures are on loan from the artist and part of the exhibit and themes of “Mist of the Earth”.

Denise Milan is based in São Paulo, Brazil. She works with natural resources, and stones are particularly important to her. She tries to bring out what she calls the “language of stones”.

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