April Smith

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Monday 3:30pm - 7pm

Wednesday 3:30pm - 7pm`

Friday 11am - 4pm

  College: DDP



My name is April Smith; my major is fine arts with glass being my current focus, and I just started my junior year this semester. I study fine arts because it genuinely makes me happy and relieves some of my everyday stresses. Alongside working for the CJY, I also work full-time as an assistant manager at a restaurant (Culver’s). I have been with the same company for over 14 years. Since being in a leadership role, I have improved my listening and communication skills, verbal and non-verbal. I am skilled at multitasking and enjoy a challenge.

I enjoy helping others and believe my experiences can help others be successful, not only with the CJY.

Outside of work and school, I am married (6 years this past July) and have a five-year-old son. I encourage my son to be a better version of myself, as well as being himself. I believe I am responsible for raising a kind, empathetic, respectful human being for future generations.

I love to write.