Who should/can establish a credential file?

The Governors State University Office of Career Services recommends online credential services through Interfolio, a web-based credential file management system. Interfolio is an affordable and convenient way for students and alumni from the College of Education and secondary education majors from the College of Arts and Sciences to establish a credential file to apply for teaching positions. In addition, Ph.D. candidates may also wish to use Interfolio as a way to send academic credentials to a search committee; or, an undergraduate student may use Interfolio to send application materials to graduate and professional schools.

  • Create a New Interfolio Online Credential File


    • NOTE: You will need a valid credit card to create your online account.

  • Features and Benefits of the Interfolio System:


    • 24/7 availability & control - Files maintained electronically are available anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser. You control everything: adding documents, deleting documents or delivering documents to an institution.


    • Speedy service - Interfolio processes all delivery requests within one business day-guaranteed. Priority requests made before 1 PM will be sent the same business day or sent online at your request.


    • Confidentiality - You can store confidential documents in your file (very helpful for recommendation letters). For each document, choose whether or not you would like to view it, and Interfolio will either mark it confidential or allow you to see it.


    • One-stop shop - If you have attended more than one institution of higher education, an account with Interfolio eliminates the need to have separate credential files at several different institutions. Interfolio is a source to store any and all academic credentials. With one trip to Interfolio, you can view or send a full academic record.


    • Increased reliability - Technology helps eliminate the human error involved in the paper-based handling of credentials. Your file can never be misplaced again.


    • Electronic input of files - When you or a writer uploads a document, it is available immediately for use.


    • Instantaneous electronic delivery - If your institution or employer accepts documents electronically, Interfolio can deliver your documents in a secure electronic format. In this case, the delivery takes place instantaneously at the time you make your request.


    • Familiar payment options – Online credit card payments are accepted, as are checks and money orders.


          Account options: $15 for one year
          $45 for five years (includes three first class USPS mailings free)

          All account options include 250 MB of online storage.

  • Delivery options and pricing:


    • Electronic delivery - $4
    • USPS first-class delivery - $5
    • International Postal Service delivery - $6
    • USPS Priority Mail (two to three days) - $9
    • Two to three day delivery and tracking - $14
    • Overnight Noon EST delivery and tracking (request must be made before 2 pm EST of the same business day) - $25
    • Rush overnight Noon delivery and tracking (request must be made before 4 pm EST of the same business day) - $40
    • International two to three day delivery and tracking - $45
    • Please note that the fees above are per mailing address. Interfolio charges the above rates for deliveries up to 20 pages. An additional dollar will be charged for each additional 20 pages. For example, a 61-page document sent by Priority Mail will cost $12.

  • Questions and more information


    • If you need additional support related to your Interfolio Fileholder or Writer account, please contact help@interfolio.com or call (877)77-FOLIO(36546) or (202)223-3358. Please note that Interfolio offers a one business day turnaround for voicemail and all email questions.