Division Chair and Associate Professor, Education

Ph.D. in Urban Education from Cleveland State University

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Cleveland State University

BSED in Secondary Mathematics Education from Columbus State University


I grew up in a large family with five brothers and sisters. My father worked for an airline and my mother stayed at home and ran the household. We moved every 3 to 5 years from one state to another. I have lived in Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, and Georgia. I have two adopted children (ages 27 and 28) and four grandchildren.

I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had a proclivity for mathematics but had no idea how I would use that in the real world. I decided to become a high school mathematics teacher. I trained and received my BSED in 1994. Life circumstance led me to getting a master's degree in 1996 and a Ph.D. in 2000.

I have worked in higher education in Illinois as a professor and administrator since 2000. As a professor, I have taught college algebra, basic algebra, mathematics methods for teachers, assessment and evaluation of education, student teaching practicum and student teaching. In January of 2017, I accepted the position of Division Chair of Education for the College of Education at GSU. In this role, I supervise and am in charge of all the initial licensure and advanced licensure programs in the division of education.

I have a passion for education. Specifically, I am interested in urban and rural education as it relates to the teaching field. I conduct research on matters of pedagogical development as it relates to teachers trained in urban and rural colleges and universities. I have conducted research with students on bias as it relates to understanding of the teaching environment. Additionally, I have published on being white and teaching at a predominantly black institution (PBI).

I am a sports fanatic. I love watching and participating in many different sports. Partially, this grows out of the time I was a student athletic trainer in both high school and during my undergraduate studies. On my days off, you can find me golfing, fishing or bowling; attending high school or college football games; and/or watching sports on TV. I am very excited to be joining Prairie Place and working and living in a community of learners.