Suggestions for forming your Summer Institute Team:

Include one administrator who can negotiate with peers from the partner institution. This should be someone who has an institutional perspective and can address questions that the institute’s president might have as the program progresses. Suggested to be employed at the level of a dean or higher.

Include someone who works well and often with the partner institution – or, once partnerships are formed, will work with the partner institution – to help bridge information between the two. This may be a faculty member with experience doing articulation agreements or an advisor who works regularly with transfer students. 

Include a member (if possible) who can help spread the word on your campus about the partnership that you are developing and how it will benefit the students and institution.

We recommend that you have a faculty member on your team – from both institutions if possible, otherwise from your institution – but not just any faculty members. Select those that have already built relationships between institutions. Think about programs that regularly meet across institutions to discuss program needs from the lower to upper division. Are there champions among those faculty members who are passionate about creating a more formal relationship? Target those members.

Most importantly, you want to select members who have built trust and respect within their institution. Those selected will be responsible for implementing the plan developed at the Summer Institute. If trust is already built, then plan implementation is easier.

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Do you have questions or need assistance with putting your team together?

Funding for the Summer Institute, GSU DDP, and MSI-DDP is provided by generous support of The Kresge Foundation. Additional funding provided by a Title III grant under the U.S. Department of Education’s Strengthening Institutions Program.