Illuminating Transfer: Connecting Community Colleges and Universities 

for Degree Attainment

Many new majority students begin at community colleges. Both community colleges and universities are responsible for creating clear pathways for degree completion; Associate AND Bachelor degrees. 

Details for the June 2020 Summer Institute will be released soon. 

The 2020 Summer Institute will bring together faculty and administrators from community colleges and universities to learn from each other as they work on building and strengthening pathways for students which result in degrees from both institutions. 

 The Institute will disseminate the strategies embedded in the award-winning Dual Degree Program (DDP), DDP-Male Success Initiative (MSI), and Center for the Junior Year (CJY) models. Presenters will share their stories - their successes and the challenges. 

Funding for the Summer Institute, GSU DDP, and MSI-DDP is provided by generous support of The Kresge Foundation. Additional funding provided by a Title III grant under the U.S. Department of Education’s Strengthening Institutions Program.