Students working through the CJY understand what it means to work with a mentor, how to approach individuals to be mentors, and the need to have an “advisory board” of mentors. Students work with CJY staff and peer mentors to explore majors, minors, and careers so they can find the best fit that matches their goals.

Finally, students develop a better understanding of how to design the five basic components of their undergraduate education: integrating study in general education, study in the major, electives, leadership opportunities, and experiential learning opportunities specific to students’ academic interest. From their work in the CJY, students are better able to engage with program advisors, faculty, career services, and student leadership.


A one stop shop to empower students to overcome barriers to degree completion, with an emphasis on students at transition points in their career.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring provides one on one and small group mentoring with a student who has demonstrated success in and outside of the classroom.

Embedded Mentoring

Embedded mentors work in select classrooms under an instructor's guidance to help students understand non-academic student support concepts and enhance student engagement.

Is the CJY only for Juniors? 

No! The CJY offers support at every level of the undergraduate experience. 

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