Hiring Math and Reading Tutors Now!

  • Part Time job pays $50 per hour
  • Need flexible hours to work with your college schedule?
  • Need to earn extra money?
  • Looking for teaching experience to add to your resume?
  • Do you like working with young learners?
  • Do you enjoy mentoring students in grades 3-8?
  • Looking to acquire skills for career growth?

Apply to be a High Impact Tutor for the Illinois Tutoring Initiative today!

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GSU has an amazing opportunity for you to consider. As a leader and role model, you have the opportunity to make an impact on young lives as well as gain practical skills for your future. This is a great financial opportunity for students, retirees, and community members.

The Illinois Tutor Initiative is a multi-million dollar grant of which GSU's College of Education was one of the awardees. GSU is seeking many tutors for grades 3-8 in the subjects of Math and Reading.

  What’s involved, you may ask…

  • 3 1-hour tutoring sessions a week
  • $50/hr per sessions 
  • Must have HS Diploma
  • Passing Grade in the subject of their choice (Math/English) 
  • The population is 3rd – 8th graders
  • Must pass a background check

Jeanetta Edwards

Jeanetta Edwards

Region 1 Director
Office: G224


Sommer Lee 

Sommer Lee

Region 1 Coordinator
Office: G218


Jessica Macias


Jessica Macias

Graduate Assistant
Office: G222


  District Roles and

  • Identify students in your district
    who could benefit from tutoring
  • Coordinate with tutors and institutional partner office
  • Help recruit tutors in your area


  Institutional Partner
  Roles and Responsibilities

  • Recruit and hire tutors
  • Ensure alignment of tutoring sessions and district curriculum
  • Maintain a library of tutoring materials
  • Supervise, evaluate, and develop tutors


  Tutor Roles and

  • Meet frequently with 3 sessions per week 
  • Create sustained and strong relationships in 8- to 14- week sessions 
  • Plan for student success and use
    data to track progress 
  • Align with district curriculum and resources to support targeted
    student learning 
  • Developed based on evidence
    from the National Student Support Accelerator for high-impact tutoring



 Illinois Tutoring Initiative Regions Map

Download Printable Resources

ITI Tutor Recruiting Flyer

ITI Referral Coupon

This project is in collaboration with and funded, in whole or in part, by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Board of Higher Education supported with the Federal COVID-relief funds.