“On behalf of the Intellectual Life Committee, it is my pleasure to announce that our One Book One University selection this year is the libretto of the musical Hamilton,” said Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Dean of the GSU Library and Chair of the Intellectual Life Committee. “A libretto is the text used in or intended for an opera or a musical and the libretto for Hamilton can be found at http://atlanticrecords.com/HamiltonMusic/,” she shared.

President Elaine P. Maimon, says, "Take a look at a $10 bill. You will see a portrait of Alexander Hamilton with all the dignity of a founding father. But thanks to the genius of Lin Manuel-Miranda and his musical, the world now sees Hamilton as dynamic, creative, and inspirational. He was an immigrant to this country from the West Indies and therefore not eligible for the presidency. He was an adamant abolitionist. I am now reading Ron Chernow’s massive biography—the book that inspired “Hamilton”—the musical. I am learning so much. I’m so pleased that the Intellectual Life Committee is giving all of us at GSU the opportunity to learn what Hamilton has to teach.”


Daniel Nearing, Professor and Program Coordinator for Independent Film and Digital Imaging and member of the Intellectual Life Committee offered reasons as to why it is important to highlight the musical Hamilton:

“This musical helps to reframe American history and invites all of us, regardless of race of gender, to own our country's values and celebrate them. Its emphasis is on immigrants ("we get the job done!") and participatory rebellion - not the kind of rebellion that simply complains, but the kind that calls for us to get involved and do the work together to forge a better future. This speaks to the values of our most dedicated students at Governors State. If you look closely at Hamilton, its primary message is contemporary. Stand up for your rights. Stand up for what's right for everyone. We're not throwing away our shot!"

“We will have a number of activities and information related to Hamilton available at http://libguides.govst.edu/hamilton,” offered Ruetten. “We are particularly looking forward to HAMILTON THE MAN, an event that will be performed and taught by students at GSU. It will take place in Sherman Hall on Tuesday, November 15th from 6-8 PM. Refreshments will be served.”

 Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Associate Professor of History and Social Sciences and a member of the Intellectual Life Committee offers her thoughts on GSU’s HAMILTON THE MAN. “This semester, I cannot echo enough how students are understanding how past situations replicate themselves today. Through HAMILTON THE MAN we’re going to take a look at seven areas of Hamilton that had an impact then and still do today. Students will tell the story of then and now. Some of the topics include: 1) Journalist/Media for airing Political Grievances; 2) Dirty Water; and 3) Marriage and sex scandals.

HAMILTON THE MAN will be a retrospective on past events that connect Alexander Hamilton to our rich American history. In addition, we will have an opportunity to learn and understand more about what was taking place then through our understanding of what is taking place today,” offered Dr. Johnson.

For more information, please contact Dean Ruetten, lruetten@govst.edu.