Student Accounts and Billing

Student Accounts disseminates information relating to students' financial accounts including payment processing, account balances, fees, payment deadlines, payment plans, refunds, and holds.

Regular Business Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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Office Location: C1333
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Phone: 708.235.7604
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Student Accounts Staff


Lisa Kundla,
Assistant Collections Manager 

Althea Schamrowski, 
Customer Service Rep./3rd Party Sponsorship Billing

Deja Thomas, 
Customer Service Assistant

Student Accounts comprises three areas:

  • Cashier's Office
  • Perkins Loans Processing
  • Student Account Processing

Online Payment


Tuition and Fee Payment Policy 

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment due dates are term specific.  Tuition and applicable fees must be paid no later than the due date established for each term.  A $100 late fee will be assessed to all accounts not paid in full by the due date.  Information regarding these due dates is communicated to students via the students’ University e-mail and is available at the University website via this link:  Tuition Payment Deadlines

Non-payment of tuition and fees is not an acceptable method to notify the University of intent to drop classes.  If you do not plan to attend GOV STATE, it is your responsibility to drop your classes by the 100% refund deadline.  Students who fail to drop their classes by the 100% refund deadline will be responsible to pay for the related tuition and fee charges.

Payment Methods

The University offers various types of payment methods:  online, by phone, in person, and by mail.  The University accepts cash, money order, check, credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or debit card payments. 

Payments made via credit card and debit card will be assessed a non-refundable service charge of 2.95% (minimum $3) for domestic issued cards and 4.25% (minimum $3) for international issued cards. 

Further information regarding payment methods is communicated to students via the students’ University e-mail and is available at the University website via this link:  Payment Methods

Payment Plan

The University offers several payment plan options for each term through the online TouchNet system.  A $40 non-refundable payment plan set-up charge will need to be paid at the time of enrollment in the plan.

TouchNet payment plans include a feature that will automatically deduct the monthly payments from the student’s or parent’s bank account, debit or credit card.  When a checking or savings account is selected as the desired payment method, it is important to note that it will take up to 14 days once you enter your banking information (bank routing number and account number) to complete the verification process.   By enrolling in the plan, payments are scheduled and processed on the due dates without additional action needed on the part of the student or parent.  If a payment declines or does not go through due to insufficient funds, the student’s account will be assessed a $25 late fee for each late installment.  Failure to have met prior payment plan obligations may prohibit you from entering into a payment plan with the University for future semesters.

Failure to have met prior payment plan obligations may prohibit you from entering into a payment plan with the university for future semesters.

Further information regarding payment plans is communicated to students via the students’ University e-mail and is available at the University website via this link:  Payment Plans  

Student Account Refunds

If you have signed-up for direct deposit, the refund amount will be directly deposited into the bank account on file. It is your responsibility to keep banking information current. If it is not current, it will delay the refund process. For more information on how to sign up for direct deposit, click here: Direct Deposit for Student Refunds
If  you did not sign-up for direct deposit, the refund amount amount will be issued via paper check and will be sent to you via regular mail to the address on your student record. It is your responsibility to ensure the University has the correct mailing address.

Past Due Accounts and Financial Holds Policy

If a student has a past due balance, a financial hold prohibiting future registration may be placed on their account. For future registration, the balance must be reduced below the University's established thresholds, as follow:

Freshman - $2,000
Students who lives in campus housing - $2,500
All other students - $1,000

Periodic notifications are sent to the student if he balance remains unpaid. This notification explains the actions to be taken and the timeframe in which this action needs to be done. Account balances not paid by the designated due date may be sent to a debt collection agency and State of Illinois Offset System, assessed collection fees based on a percentage at a maximum of 39% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees that the University may incur in such collection efforts. The University does not report past due debts to any credit reporting agencies, except as provided by federal law.

We encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office (708-534-4480 or and the Governors State University Foundation (708.534.4128 or  and see if you are eligible to receive financial aid and/or scholarship. In the event that your financial aid awards would result in a student refund, you have the option to apply such refunds against your previous balance.

We encourage students that are still having further difficulties making payments, to contact Student Accounts (708.235.7604 or to discuss more options.

Transcripts and Diplomas

All current and former students, regardless of their account balance, are able to request an official transcript and/or diploma. Further information on requesting an official transcript and/or diploma is available at the University website via the below links:

Transcript Service - Transcript Services
Diplomas - Diplomas

Current University students have access to their unofficial transcripts on the University portal at any time.


Students may be entitled to a refund due to excess of tuition payments, Financial Aid or if they drop a class within the 100% refund period. Federal regulations allow for this process to take up to 14 days to complete.