The minor in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies seeks to provide students with an understanding of the histories, cultures, and contemporary issues of peoples from Latin American and the Caribbean and their descendants in the Americas. Using interdisciplinary and comparative approaches, it analyzes both the common and different experiences of first- and subsequent generations of immigrants from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It also examines the emergence, usefulness, and future of the field of Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies. 

A minor in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies Minor Studies will benefit any student who wants to understand the significant impact of Latina/o cultures and Latinas/os' growing political power. Majors in Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, English, Education, Psychology, Social Work, and Business, Health, and Public Administration will especially benefit from this course of study. Additionally, Interdisciplinary Studies majors will benefit from its methodological approaches.

Advisor Information

Ellen Walsh (A through M)
Assistant Professor

Lisa (Hendrickson) Helm (N through Z)
Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support Services