GSU students can submit a paper for revision suggestions by emailing it to as a document attachment. A writing consultant will review your paper and reply to you with revision suggestions within 24 hours.

Please include the following information in the body of your email:

    Your name:
    Your GSU student I.D. number:
    Course Name & Number:
    Instructor's name and email address:
    Phone number where you can be reached:
    Assignment Description/Rubric:
    Focus of the review:

Note: We cannot review your paper if you do not include the above information in the body of your email.
*FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Information

It is the position of the GSU Regional Online Writing Center that it can be beneficial for your professor(s) to know that you are using the Writing Center. In order to ease this communication, copies of all electronic communications between you and The Writing Center will be e-mailed to your professor(s).

If you do not want your professor(s) notified, please state that in the body of your email. Otherwise, you are implicitly agreeing that they may be notified. Please be aware that the Writing Center will not edit, proofread, or revise students' work for them.