Prairie Place is an active, supportive and exciting place to live and learn. As a member of the living and learning community, you will participate in learning activities and experiences that will connect you with other students who share a similar academic program or interest area.

Together you'll learn about civic engagement,sustainability and global citizenship. There is even a classroom inside Prairie Place where you will be able to participate in study sessions and enrichment programs, and gather for meetings and speakers.

Faculty-in-Residence Program

The Faculty-in-Residence program serves as the cornerstone of the GSU living/Learning initiative. The program goals are:

  • To provide opportunities for faculty and students to interact outside of the classroom.
  • To provide opportunities for residential students to develop a relationship with a faculty member who can help direct them to university wide resources and who will assist students in creating a foundation for success.
  • To enhance the student experience by promoting student-faculty interaction through cultural and educational programs and other events.
  • To provide personal and academic role models as students explore their studies.

Meet Our 2018-2019 Faculty-in-Residence

  T Harrington   H. Pitman FIR FIR Harris

 Timothy Harrington


Herbert Pitman


Crystal Harris