The DDP is called "dual degree" because it will assist you in the completion of your associate degree and then enable you to transfer seamlessly to a desired four year university to complete your bachelor's degree. The DDP provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn your associate and bachelor's degree, at a fraction of the cost of any university in the Chicagoland area.


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    Jason Vignone
    GSU phone: 708.235.7537
    GSU office location: A2124


    Daley College (8:45am – 5:00pm) Room 1111a12
    January 16(Mon), 23(Mon), 30(Mon)
    February 6(Mon), 13(Mon), 20(Mon)
    March 6(Mon), 13(Mon), 20(Mon), 27(Mon)
    April 10(Mon), 17(Mon), 24(Mon)
    May 1(Mon), 8(Mon)

    Kennedy King College (8:45am – 5:00pm) Admissions Office 
    January 17(Tue), 24(Tue), 31(Tue)
    February 7(Tue), 21(Tue), 28(Tue)
    March 7(Tue), 14(Tue), 21(Tue), 28(Tue)
    April 4(Tue), 11(Tue), 25(Tue)
    May 2(Tue), 9(Tue)


    Olive Harvey College (8:30am – 5:00pm) Transfer Center
    January 18(Wed), 25(Wed)
    February 8(Wed), 14(Tue), 22(Wed), 27(Mon)
    March 8(Wed), 22(Wed), 29(Wed)
    April 3(Mon), 12(Wed), 18(Tue), 26(Wed)
    May 3(Wed), 10(Wed)


    Malcolm X College (Times & Location Vary**)
    January 19(Thur; 9am – 1pm)
    February 2(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 16(Thur; 9am – 1pm)
    March 2(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 16(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 30(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    April 13(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 27(Thur; 9am – 1pm)
    May 11(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)


    Harold Washington College (Times Vary**) Main Lobby
    January 19(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    February 2(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 16(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 23(Thur; 9am – 2pm)
    March 9(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 23(Thur; 9am – 6pm)
    April 6(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 20(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 27(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    May 11(Thur; 9am – 1pm)


    Truman College (Times Vary) TC-Transfer Center
    January 26(Thur; 9am – 6pm)
    February 9(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 23(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    March 9(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 16(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    April 6(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 20(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    May 4(Thur; 9am – 1pm)


    Wilbur Wright College (Times & Location Vary**)
    February 9(Thur; 2pm – 6pm), 23(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)
    March 2(Thur; 9am – 1pm), 30(Thur; 9am – 1pm)
    April 13(Thur; 9am – 1pm)
    May 4(Thur; 2pm – 6pm)


    ** Please contact the above DDP Transfer Specialist directly to schedule an appointment and confirm meeting location.