We Salute You: Civil Service Choice Awards Winners

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 Nancy Mauer Civil Service Day 2013  Bettie Lewis Civil Service Day 2013
Nancy Mauer
Bettie Lewis

Congratulations to the Winners of the Civil Service Choice Awards and Civil Service Employee of the Year. We are pleased to announce the winners of these distinguished campus honors.

Nancy Maurer, from the Enrollment Services department, won not just one, but two awards—the Civil Service Choice Award which embodies “all of the qualities: exemplifying civil service excellence; and Employee of the Year. The winner of this award is based solely on votes cast by GSU

Judy Ferneau Civil Service Day 2013  Mike Horvath web Civil Service Day 2013
Judy Ferneau Mike Horvath

employees from the year’s employee of the month honorees. It recognizes “Governors State University Civil Service Employees who demonstrate exemplary performance.”

“This is quite an honor,” said Mauer. “I am grateful to the entire university.”

Other Civil Service Choice Awards went to: Bettie Lewis from Procurement and Business Services, Judy Ferneau from ITS and Mike Horvath from ITS.

Complementing the event was an action-packed variety show full of fabulous performances by the GSU Acapella, GSU Liners, Keith Briggs, Phillip Orsi, Beth Hawkins, Eric Nicholson, Ayita Woods and Lynn Clayton. The show was followed by a celebration luncheon. Many thanks to emcee John Cook and Ayita Woods who coordinated the show and all of the Civil Service Employees for participation in this wonderful event.


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