History in the Making -- GSU Club Sports #WINNING!

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We are making history at GSU with a roster of six active club sports teams on campus which include: basketball, softball, bowling, golf, volley ball and table tennis. GSU student club athletes show promise as the women’s volleyball and men’s basketball teams enjoyed success during the fall term.

Congratulations to the volleyball team on winning the Orland Park women’s volleyball fall 2013 park district championship. Members include: Arriahn Tucker, Anita Kunkes, Amber Dybala,

 2013 Volleyball champs
2013 Volleyball Champs

Maricela Vega, Rachel Matthews, Katie Limberopulos, Critisha Ashley, Sarah Wicklin and Andrea Johnson. (Pictured here)

In mid-November, the Men’s Club Basketball team hosted a historic exhibition game on campus. It was the first college-level game ever played at GSU against Judson University’s junior varsity team. With nearly 100 supporters, cheerleaders, music, half time games including prizes and more, GSU pulled a classic upset for the win.

The emerging and sustained interest in competitive sports on campus is gaining momentum. On October 11, the GSU Board of Trustees voted unanimously to expand recreational sports and develop a competitive athletics program. The expansion will be phased in over the next five years and will kick-off during the spring 2014 semester with a process to select GSU’s first official mascot. Before the completion of fall 2014, GSU plans on submitting its application for candidacy to a competitive athletic conference membership with a final decision in spring of 2015. Stay tuned for more information on club sports games as well as these exciting developments about competitive athletics at GSU, be sure to visit our website at www.govst.edu/RecFit.


Posted by Lindsay Gladstone at 01/13/2014 04:28:07 PM