GSU professor has book published

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Congratulations to Dr. Christopher Robinson-Easley on the publication of her book “Beyond Diversity and Intercultural Management,” on April 9. Publisher Palgrave Macmillan’s book description reads: “Our global world still faces many issues of discrimination. The marginalization faced by people across many different realms of difference is causing significant strife in organizations, governments, and our education systems. Yet the literature and conversations on diversity, intercultural management and related topics on equality have not significantly changed in over twenty years.

"Beyond Diversity and Intercultural Management develops a change model designed to challenge prevailing paradigms. Robinson-Easley argues that while equal employment opportunity, diversity, and intercultural management are generally treated separately in the literature, these topics and related issues reside on one continuum and require the same core competencies and skills. This follow up work to Robinson-Easley's ‘Preparing for Today's Global Job Market’ demonstrates that it is time to move away from a ‘managing’ mindset and towards a ‘valuing humanity’ mindset, while concomitantly privileging the personal lenses, cultures, and micro-cultures of people who make up today's diverse global world.”

Dr. Ellen Foster Curtis, dean of the College of Business and Public Administration, said “This book marks a culmination of her recent work in the field and represents a significant addition to the literature.”

Posted by Michael Drakulich at 04/14/2014 05:12:49 PM