The next “One Book, One University” selection announced

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"As we celebrate Earth Week, here at GSU, it is my pleasure to announce that the next ‘One Book, One University/Common Reading Program’ selection is ‘The Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard,” said Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Dean of the GSU Library and chair of the Intellectual Life Committee.

“The Story of Stuff” focuses upon the fact that Americans just have way too much. Annie Leonard raises the reader’s awareness by sharing her many experiences and pointing out how having too much stuff can be very negative for our health and well-being along with having a major negative impact on our planet.

“By embracing the messages in this book our entire GSU community will learn more about improving our sustainability. And through the many collaborative events that will be planned in association with this book, we will enhance our civic engagement and become more aware of the impact that we all have on our planet,” Ruetten said.

"The selection of ‘The Story of Stuff’ has come at a great time. We are looking forward to working with the Intellectual Life Committee and the entire GSU community to enhance our sustainability efforts while contributing to a healthier planet," said Kevin Barto, director, Campus Facilities Services.

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Posted by Michael Drakulich at 04/21/2014 01:57:47 PM