GSU sculpture park named one of the 25 best in the world

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A new addition to the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park outside F wing

Though it has been no secret to the GSU community how beautiful and vibrant the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park is to its visitors, the rest of the world is getting an idea now too.

Last month, the park was named one of the “25 Most Amazing Sculpture Gardens in the World” as compiled by The list placed NMSP at #9.

NMSP not only joins beautiful sculpture parks throughout the United States, but others throughout the world from France, Australia, Lithuania, Japan, India, Italy and Hungary.

The website called NMSP “home to Chicago’s leading park of contemporary outdoor sculpture.” The 25 parks on the list were chosen for their “variety and popularity,” and that they were chosen for “their capacity to interact with and complement the surrounding landscape.”

“It’s gratifying to recognize that GSU’s Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park has been recognized as one of the top 10 presentations of outdoor sculpture in the world,” said Geoff Bates, the park’s director and curator. “While we are proud of the collection and the exhibitions we present for our public, sometimes it’s hard to know if anyone notices. Clearly, our program of exceptional works of art placed in a prairie setting has found an audience. We are happy to join other parks and gardens who share this distinction.”

Recently, the park added three works from sculptor Chakaia Booker. They can be seen just outside F wing, in the meadow across the lake (which can be seen from the Hall of Governors patio) and on the patio outside E lounge.

Posted by Michael Drakulich at 05/05/2014 04:39:35 PM