An undergraduate minor in English is offered to students who wish to supplement their preparation in a major discipline with a substantial amount of course work in English.

A minor in English will generally enhance the prospects of students for employment and for admission to graduate or professional study.

Minor Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. In addition, students must:

  • complete at least four courses at the upper-division level
  • contact the advisor regarding the requirements listed below
  • submit transfer courses to the advisor for approval of the minor by the first week of the term of intended graduation.

I.  Required Courses (9 Hours)

Students must select one from A and one from B: The following courses may be taken at the lower- or upper-division level:

  • ENGL 3111 English Literature I (3) or ENGL 3112 English Literature II (3)
  • ENGL 3121 American Literature I (3) or ENGL 3122 American Literature II (3)

The following courses must be taken at the upper-division level. Select one of the following based on the specialization:

Literature Specialization:

ENGL 3330 Studies in Literature (3)

Writing Specialization:

ENGL 2910 Writing Principles (3)

II.  Selectives (9 Hours)

Literature Specialization:

Select 9 hours (three courses) from the following upper-division literature courses:

ENGL 4121 Advanced Survey of Black Literature (3)

ENGL 4141 American Poets (3)

ENGL 4172 Contemporary Native American Authors (3)

ENGL 4483 Literature of the Environment (3)

ENGL 4505 Major English Authors (3)

ENGL 4510 Major American Authors (3)

ENGL 4515 Major Black Authors (3)

ENGL 4520 Contemporary Literature (3)

ENGL 4550 Shakespeare's Plays (3) 

Writing Specialization:

Select 9 hours (three courses) from the following upper-division writing courses:

ENGL 4100 Advanced Composition (3)

ENGL 4205 Modern English Grammar (3)

ENGL 4600 Rhetorical Theory and Practice (3)

ENGL 4625 Advanced Writing (3)

ENGL 4626 Technical Writing I (3) 

III.  Total - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Lisa Helm
Administrative Coordinator