CD-ROM/DVD Military Courses

The following courses are available through NCPACE and the Coast Guard Afloat program to active-duty service members. All Governors State University NCPACE courses are three semester credit hours.
For more course information, please see the NCPACE Guide and Catalog.

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  • ADDS-5100 Substance Abuse: Current Concepts


    Examines physiological, psychological and sociological aspects of drug abuse and includes historical and contemporary patterns. Examines past and present drug abuse treatment modalities and analyzes factors and institutions at the local, state and national level that affect the delivery of substance abuse services. Includes legal and ethical issues in drug abuse.  Please note was previously listed as ADDS500.

  • ANTH-3501 Beliefs and Believers


    Explores the nature and function of belief structures or "worldviews" with representatives from a wide variety of religious and secular perspectives. Students will gain some initial exposure to the religious systems of major world religious institutions and develop an understanding of their personal beliefs. Please note was previously listed as ANTH350.

  • COMS-4140 Family Communication


    Examines the ways in which family members communicate, make decisions, settle conflict and learn to relate to one another. This course is especially relevant because of the profound changes that are currently affecting the family unit. More children are born to single parents, more families have both partners working, more couples are commuting, more couples are divorcing and more stepfamilies are being formed than ever before. Please note was previously listed as COMS534.

    Prerequisite: For those who do not have an Associate's degree, three credit hours of EITHER a course in basic Communication Studies, English 1301, Philosophy 120, Psychology 100 or the equivalent to any of those listed here. Strong writing skills are necessary.

  • ENGL-3108 Living Literature: The Classics and You


    An introduction to a selection of the "classics" of the Western Literary Tradition. Beginning with Genesis, students will read and discuss Homer, Sophocles, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, Moliere, Milton, Voltaire, Goethe, Flaubert, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Kafka. The orientation of the course is the relevance of these texts to our lives.

  • ENGL-3123 Modern American Poetry


    An introductory literature course emphasizing relationships of the poets, their influence on each other and on those who followed them, and their place in American literature. Compares and contrasts the American vernacular voice with modern European idiom, the democratic image of society with the poet as a privileged visionary and the poetry of social conscience with a poetry of metaphysical rumination.

    Prerequisite: Three credit hours of English composition at the lower-division level

  • INST-4110 World of Art


    Compares objects from eight differing contexts and diverse geographical world areas and contrasts the imagery, cultural circumstances and the world view within which the art was created and in which it functioned.

  • MGMT-2100 Introduction to Management Strategies


    Introduces classical management, behavioral and management science. Reviews the fundamental functions of management emphasizing the interrelationships among planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Both the impact of organizations upon participants and the impact of participants upon organizations are studied. Examines systems approach to solving operational problems.

  • PSYC-1605 Love: What Everyone Needs to Know


    Explores the intricacies and problems of close, committed, interpersonal relationships, including marriage.  Discusses the important relationship concepts and standards.  The course includes a unit on military marriage and the challenges.

  • PSYC-2345 Social Psychology


    Provides a comprehensive overview of psychology. Presents concepts, theories, and data from various subfields in psychology, including sensation-perception, learning, memory, personality, abnormal, social, developmental and physiological.


    Prerequisite: Three credit hours of Psychology 100, Introduction to Psychology, or the equivalent.

  • PSYC-1606 Sex: What Everyone Needs to Know


    An introduction to human sexuality. Emphasizes understanding the bio-psychological factors in human sexual functioning. Provides an opportunity for students to explore their own values and attitudes.


  • SOSC-3200 Dealing with Diversity


    Designed to help students recognize and appreciate the differences and similarities between diverse groups and individuals in our multicultural society, such as those distinguished by race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability and age.