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OpenHouseRegisterButtonLeaders are the backbone of organizations and communities across the nation. Governors State’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Interdisciplinary Leadership (INLD) prepares advanced leaders to meet real-world problems and issues with sophisticated, multi-dimensional perspectives and solutions. Our doctorate program consists of core courses in leadership, research, planning, communication, globalism, and finance. In this program, you will focus your studies in one of four advanced concentrations:Higher Education Administration, Superintendent (P-12), or Not for Profit/Social Entrepreneurship Leadership.

In this program, you will gain advanced theoretical perspectives of leadership, prepare to make data-informed decisions, and utilize foresight in strategic planning in both the public and private sectors. Through coursework, research, and culminating projects, you will be equipped to lead in situations requiring an understanding of public policy, adult education, and cultural studies. The Interdisciplinary Leadership doctorate program is fully accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission.

Reach your career goals.

An Ed.D. degree prepares professionals from a variety of settings to be effective and influential leaders by providing knowledge, insights, and strategies that can be applied immediately in their jobs, as well as advance future opportunities in their fields. Through your advanced graduate studies, you will be prepared to pursue professional, academic, administrative, research, or clinical positions in your area of concentration.

Why get an Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership?

Make a difference in the world and advance your career as an educator, counselor, social service provides, not-for-profit manager, or public servant. As a doctoral student, you will gain valuable experience and make connections with other experienced professionals in your chosen field. As a graduate, you will be prepared to anticipate and solve problems and challenges that leaders face in the workplace setting.

Data collected in 2017 reflected the national median salary for Post-Secondary Education Administrators to be $90,760 with an average range of $66,730 – $126,750 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Chicago’s median salary for post-secondary education administrators is $96,910.


Delivery Format

Achieve your Ed.D. in as little as four years. Governors State’s minimum 60 credit hour Interdisciplinary Leadership doctorate program is offered in a fully online format with some hybrid courses, and continuous enrollment of six or more credit hours each semester is required. Students must complete all coursework, qualifying exam, and capstone project within seven years of their start date (appeals under extenuating circumstances are allowed).


  • Larson-J

    Jeremy Larson, INLD doctoral student

    The GSU doctoral interdisciplinary program has equipped me to work with organizations and stakeholders throughout my community and region. When I began the program, I was under the strong assumption that K12 education administration should be a stand-alone program. As I am coming to an end on my program, I realize the impact working through an interdisciplinary approach has had on my communication and strategic planning. I value my experiences through this program because they strongly challenged my views on education. School leaders cannot work alone. We must work as community leaders.

  • Matthew-Cooney

    Dr. Matt Cooney, Assistant Professor in Higher Education Administration

    As a faculty member in the INLD Program, I work with students to co-create learning experiences that enhance their professional practice of leadership while simultaneously examining how their individual, group, and societal values impact how leadership manifests within various organizational contexts.

Meet Our Faculty

Meet Our Faculty

 View our Faculty Directory or download a pdf listing all faculty members for our program.

Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D. Curriculum and Required Preparation

Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D. Curriculum and

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