Policy Number Policy Title
1 Academic Reorganization
2 Curriculum and Course Approval Change Policy and Procedures
3 Course Lifespan Policy and Procedure
4 Student Conduct Policy
5 Student Grievance and Policy Procedure
6 Withdrawal
7 Curricular Requirements For Intra-University Status Change
8 Curricular Requirements for Readmitted Students
9 English Language Proficiency Policy
10 International Students
11 Qualifications for Election to and Membership in the Student Senate
12 Access to Student Educational Records
13 Academic Amnesty
14 Academic Standing
15 Freshmen Placement Policy
16 Graduate Studies Policy
17 Independent Study
19 Graduate Readmissions and Special Admissions
19U Policy on Undergraduate Readmissions and Special Admissions
20 University Sponsored Educational Materials
21 Honors Policy
23 Constitution Examination
24 Academic Honesty
25 Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
26 Grading and Status
27 Requirements for a Subsequent Bachelor's Degree
28 Academic Residency Requirements for Degree Program
29 Student Study Plan Policy
30 Transfer Credit for Graduate Students Policy
31 Transfer Credit for Undergraduate Students
32 Continuing Student Status
33 Graduate Admissions
34 Undergraduate Admission
35 GSU Professor Emeritus
36 Credit through Evaluation of prior Experiential Learning (CEEL)
37 Tuition Waiver for Senior Scholars
38 Reasonable Accommodation for Students' Religious Observances
39 SEI Policy
40 Land Use Policy
41 Salary Increases for Administrative and Professional Employees upon Completion of a Terminal or an Additional Graduate Degree
42 Benefits for Retired Professors Policy
43 Professional Development Sequence
44 Policy and Procedures for the Selection of Teleclasses and Telecourses
45 Campus Facilities Access and Security
46 Funding Sources Policy
47 Repeating Courses
48 Writing Across the Curriculum
49 Media Policy
50 Travel Policy
51 University General Education Requirement
52 Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Compliance Procedures
53 Protection of Human Research Subjects
54 Admission of Students to Programs in Which Licensure is Dependent Upon Accreditation
55 Research and Scholarship
56 Technology Outcomes for Students
57 Research Involving Animals
58 Certificates
59 Full-Time Status for Graduate Students
60 Undergraduate Minor
61 Privacy, Legal Notices, And Security Notification
62 Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education and Research
63 Technology Enhanced Classrooms Usage
64 Networking and Computing, Network Security, and Wireless Computing
65 Web-Based Publications
66 Materials on GSU Monitors and Cable Access Channel
67 Volunteer Emergency Worker
68 Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in Externally Sponsored Research
69 Posthumous Degree
70 Graduate Student Assistantship Appointments
71 Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
72 Junior Seminar and Undergraduate Capstone Requirements
74 Open Access