Governors State University is committed to contributing positively to the society and environment of the region it serves.

Governors State has partnered with Energy Systems Group to assist in meeting its sustainability commitment by implementing energy conservation methods. ESG projects that GSU's carbon footprint will be reduced by more than 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. This is equivalent to one of the following annual environmental benefits:

  • Reduction of emissions equivalent to removing approximately 600 vehicles from the road
  • Creating enough energy to power more than 400 homes
  • Planting about 700 acres of forest



Community Garden

The University Sustainable Garden at GSU features 64 garden plots of various sizes and is located on the east side of The Family Development Center.

The gardens are open from dawn to dusk, May to October. The planting deadline is July 1. Gardens left unplanted on July 1 will be cleared and made available for reassignment.

The GSU Facilities Department oversees the seasonal operation of the garden. For more information please visit the University Garden website.

Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22. The university has a variety of events that encourage environmental responsibility and sustainability. From tree planting and recycling to swapping books and helping clean campus grounds, join us for one or more of these events and make your own positive contribution to the community.







GSU isn't just conscious of being
environmentally friendly during Earth Day.
The university is committed to sustainable
initiatives year round.






During the week of Earth Day and beyond,
GSU has a full slate of events. Join us for
one or for all of them and make your own
contribution. Read More


Recycling Chart

What Gets Recycled

  • Newspaper-Newspaper and inserts
  • Cardboard -Empty and flatten all boxes
  • Other Fibers - Magazines, catalogs, computer paper, phone books, chipboard and junk mail
  • Plastic Containers - Only empty plastic containers that have a #17 on the bottom can be recycled
  • Tin and aluminum cans - please rinse out to avoid odor problem
  • Glass beverage containers - rinsed out, cap off
  • Batteries - in designated collection containers, A1, C1, F1, G1 and GMT Buildings
  • Inkjet and deskjet ink cartridges, cell phones - B1230

What is Not Recycled

  •  Please no soiled paper
  • Please no food contamination, wax coated boxes or packing material
  • Please no wax or foil coatings, no hard cover books
  • Please no styrofoam, plastic bags or glass
  • Please no aerosol cans, paint cans, unwashed cans, and no clothes hangers