The minor in Art provides students with the fundamentals of the discipline enabling them to shape perception, communicate distinct attitudes, and expand their personal boundaries.

Students will develop skills, sensitivity, and aesthetic judgment. Classes in art history interpret works of art within their context and purpose. An ample number of selectives (9 hours) permit the student to pursue individual interests either within a particular studio area such as drawing/painting, printmaking, digital arts, photography, and sculpture or within a spectrum of either Western or non-Western art history offerings. The art minor is open to all undergraduates who submit a proposal of study (and portfolio of past artwork) to the appropriate art faculty advisor for individual placement.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Art, Minor

     Drawing (3 Hours)

Take any drawing course from the 1000-4000 level.

Art History (3 Hours)

Take any Art History course from the 1000-4000 level.

Electives (12 Hours)

Take any Studio and/or Art History courses from the 1000-4000 level.

Total - 18 Hours

50% of coursework must be 3000 level or above. Open to all undergraduates who meet the portfolio review stipulation.

Minor Requirements