"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

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Leadership development is an essential student learning outcome of a comprehensive student experience at Governors State University. Student Affairs educators at Governors State aspire to contribute to the mission of the University by challenging and inspiring students to be responsible citizens and leaders on-campus and in their communities. Among the formal programs supporting our focus on leadership development include: Emerging Leaders Program for first-year students, Student Leadership Institute for upper-class students, and both the Men's and Women's Leadership Retreat.

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  • Service & Leadership Seminar


    Service & Leadership Seminar

    August 22 -26, 2016


    The Service & Leadership Seminar is a week long experiential learning opportunity for incoming freshmen at Governors State University.  The seminar is held prior to the start of the fall semester, August 17 – 21st.  Students are provided an opportunity to learn about community service, leadership, and self-awareness.  The seminar encompasses community service projects, workshops, speakers, and interaction with current campus leaders.  Students will be immersed in an array of activities that will enable participants to discover how they can help create positive, sustainable change on Governors State University’s campus.


    Preliminary Schedule

    August 22 – Program Overview, Workshops, Community Service Council

    August 23 – Civic Leaders Panel and Service Project

    August 24 – Explore Chicago and Service Initiatives

    August 25 – Leadership, Vision, Civic Reflection and Group Outing

    August 26 –Convocation

    Learning Outcomes

    • Gather an understanding of different perspectives.
    •  Observe, analyze, and advocate community needs and social injustices.
    • Build meaningful relationships with peers, leaders and community.
    •  Become familiar with involvement opportunities on campus
    • Comprehension of personal identities in regard to first year transition.
    • Develop an understanding of effective leadership principles.

    For more information contact S. Sanderson at 708-235-7653


  • Men's Global Leadership Initiative




    About: The Men's  Leadership Summit explores the essential elements of what it means to be a man in a leadership role in the Governors State University community and within a global text. The intersection of male gender and leadership will allow us to explore such topics/skills as advocacy, coalition building, contemplative practice, communication, decision making, consensus building, diversity/inclusion and conflict management.

    The goal of the summit will be to develop a cohort and community of male leaders who will begin the work of developing knowledge of and trust among each other so that they can have a positive and enduring influence on the GSU campus community.

    For more information, contact: Robert Clay, rclay@govst.edu

    Target Audience: All male students interested in exploring leadership and advancing male achievement.




      • SHERO Women's Leadership Symposium


        Come celebrate your inner SHEro!

        The goal of Governors State University’s Women’s Leadership Symposium will be to inspire women to seek their highest level of personal and professional development.  Participants will gain a greater understanding of their own approach to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain one’s potential.  The program will provide perspectives and strategies in the areas of: personal development (such as health, financial maintenance, stress management, etc.), career development and advancement, and community engagement.  The conference format will be a tribute to the arts that include a keynote speaker and breakout discussions to celebrate "SHE"ROs and diversity. The conference is inclusive to all genders looking to support leadership.

        S – Sharing, H – Her story of, E – Empowerment, R – Resilience, & O – Opportunity

        Register using this link by October 1st >>>

        Keynote Speaker: Dorri McWhorter, Chief Executive Officer at YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

        Program Sessions:

        • Dr. Crystal Blount and the Psychology Undergrad Research Team: Psychological Cost of Financial Stress: Balancing Stress and Procrastination When Money is Tight
        • Dr. Mary Bruce: The Art and Skill of Follow-Through
        • Dr. Rebecca Michel: Strengths Based Leadership and Career Development
        • Dr. Mazna Patka & Dr. Shaalein Lopez: Rising Up: Connecting the Mind and Body for Empowerment 

        Optional Evening Activity: Ladies Night Ceramics Party, 7-9pm @ Art 4 Soul, Homewood, IL


        Want to be part of planning this SUPER sHERO  event? 
        Just participating not enough for you?  Join the Planning Committee!  For more information, contact: Jessica Specht, jspecht@govst.edu 

        Planning Committee:

        • Dartina Dunlap, Career Counselor, Office of Career Services
        • Amanda Evans, Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
        • James Flagg, Coordinator of Veterans and Military Personnel
        • Katrina Koltz, Graduate Assistant/President, Graduate Professional Network
        • Jessica Specht, Career Counselor, Office of Career Services 

      • CEO Leadership Certificate Program


        CEO Picture

        The Certified Executive Officer (CEO) Leadership Certificate Program is designed to provide clubs and organizations student leaders effective and essential leadership skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes comprehension of leadership theory and application. The CEO program develops leadership potential and self-efficacy in preparing today’s students to lead.  Student leaders will also explore leadership trends to foster learning and personal development through exploration of theories and practices. Registration is now open until September 14, 2015

        Register atwww.surveymonkey.com/s/CEOLeadership  



         Program Schedule:  


        Workshops are held 3:30 - 4:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursday.  Some workshops offered at 6:00 pm.

        Orientation:  Tuesday, September 15
        Workshops:  Thursday, September 23 to Tuesday, October 30
        Reflective Project due: Friday, November 6 
        CEO Guest Speaker and Certificate Presentation:  Tuesday, November 12


        Organizational Development (2)

        Strategic Plan/Vision

        Protocol (Roberts Rules) How to Run a Meeting

        Peer Mentoring/Conflict Resolution

        Group Dynamics/Team Building/Diversity


         Personal Development (2)

        Creating a Legacy/Sustainability

        Group Dynamics/Team Building/Diversity 

        Understanding Elements of Budgeting

        Organizational Management (2)

        Financial Management

        Record Keeping 

        Peer Mentoring/Conflict Resolution 

        Creating a Legacy/Sustainability

        Group Dynamics/Team Building/Diversity

        Program Development (2)

        Understanding Elements of Budgeting

          Expenditures & Purchases


        Target Audience: Elected leaders of student organizations.

        Contact: Sheree Sanderson, ssanderson@govst.edu



        Robert Clay, Director, Intercultural Student Affairs
        Dennis Dent, Coordinator, Campus Programs
        Dr. Rupert Evans, Chair Health and Human Services
        Dr. David Green, Chair, Division of Accounting, Economics, Finance and MIS
        Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Assistant Professor
        Dr. Caren Rossow, Senior University Lecturer
        Sheree Y. Sanderson, Assistant Dean of Students
        Tamieka Scott, Interim Director of Student Conduct
        Tamara Winn, Senior University Lecturer

        Robert E. Clay, Director, Intercultural Student Affairs
        Dr. David Green, Chair, Division of Accounting, Economics, Finance and MIS
        Caron Jacobson, Senior University Lecturer
        Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Assistant Professor
        Tamara Winn, Senior University Lecturer



        • Inclusive Leadership Conference


          Lifted HandsThe Inclusive Leadership Conference is designed to create an understanding and appreciation for diverse identities amongst students through social justice education.  An increased self-awareness encourages students to be free of misconceptions and prejudices as leaders.  

          Schedule: Fall 2016

          Contact: Robert Clay, diversity@govst.edu

          Target Audience: All individuals interested in advancing social change and learning about the intersection of leadership and social justice. 

          Registration is FREE!!!  


        • Student Leadership Institute


           SLI Video Image  

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          Based on national best practices for leadership education, the Student Leadership Institute is a distinctive co-curricular certificate program designed for students seeking leadership development opportunities that will contribute to their personal development and help achieve their leadership potential.

          Schedule: Offered annually in the spring semester and completed by Spring Break. Applications available and due November 4, 2016.  To nominate or apply:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2016-17GSUSLI

          Lisa Carra, lcarra@govst.edu

          Target Audience:
          All students interested in exploring leadership topics, learning leadership from faculty and staff mentors. Open only to Transfer and Graduate students in Spring 2016.

          More about the Student Leadership Institute:

          Using Kouzes and Posner's nationally recognized Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership as a foundation, this innovative program consists of workshops that participants elect to attend based on their individual interests and leadership goals. While the SLI co-curricular certificate program offers participants the flexibility to create their own curriculum, there are common program features that include:

          • Introduction to, and administration of, the Leadership Practices Inventory, the only leadership tool designed specifically for student leaders that approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable and teachable set of behaviors. This 360 degree leadership assessment tool helps student leaders measure their leadership competencies, while guiding them through the process of applying Kouzes and Posner's acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership® model to real-life challenges.
          • Support and guidance from a GSU leadership mentor that will assist in processing LPI results, maximize your benefits through the SLI certificate, serve as a personal resource and consult with you throughout the program, and beyond.
          • Choice of topical and interactive workshops offered throughout the semester designed to develop your leadership skills and increase your networking opportunities with other student leaders in a variety of contexts. Successful participants must choose three workshops from the various offerings during the semester in which they are participating. Tracks will be suggested for various leadership positions, such as student organization leaders and peer mentors.
          • A culminating celebration and workshop that integrates reflection and content from selected workshops with action planning to help ensure students achieve their leadership potential.

          In 2012-13, its inaugural year, the response to the Leadership Institute from the campus community was overwhelming. In total, 45 undergraduates and 19 graduate students participated (selected from 160 applicants), and 15 faculty and staff served as workshop presenters, while 45 more served as leadership mentors. Students involved with the Student Leadership Institute program at GSU will also benefit from the mentorship component that is woven into the program design. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with a mentor who will discuss their workshop options, provide direction and track their development and progress. Currently, more than 100 students have successfully completed the Student Leadership Institute.

          The goals of the mentorship component of the SLI include:

          • Develop a connection to the program for students through a personalized mentor.
          • Establish a connection for students to the university through a member of the community serving as a SLI mentor.
          • Articulate an intentional path in the SLI program for students that can specifically meet their leadership needs as it pertains to their major and/or involvement on campus.
          • Assess a student's success in the program.
          • Assist students in understanding and integrating what they have learned.
          • Assist students in applying what they have learned to their experiences at GSU, their leadership and professional aspirations.

        • Graduate Leadership Scholars


          Due to an overwhelming response to the SLI program, we are pleased to announce the continuation of a graduate component of the Student Leadership Institute. The planning team has developed the Graduate Leadership Scholars, which will be both unique to the graduate participants and have added value to your experiential learning experience. This is an exclusive opportunity to participate in the leadership program designed specifically with you in mind.
          The GLS Program will contain the following required elements:

          • Opening Ceremony, Wed., Jan. 29, 2014
          • Work with a mentor
          • Select two (or more) workshops
          • Select one (of five) Graduate Leadership Discussion Workshop
          • Prepare an LPI  presentation for Closing Ceremony, Tues., Mar. 11, 2014 (tentative date)

          Participation in the Graduate Leadership Scholars Program is exclusive to graduate students. 

        • Emerging Leaders Program


          The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) immerses lower division students in a process of personal development that lays the foundation for the exploration of leadership. ELP helps students answer the question "What type of leader do I want to be?" This is an experiential program wherein students participate in highly interactive workshops, activities, and discussions from mid-February to the end of March.

          Schedule: Offered annually in the spring semester. Applications are available November 11, 2016 and are due on February 3, 2017
          Contact: Roshaunda Ross, rross3@govst.edu
          Target Audience: Freshmen Students (but Sophomores may apply also)