Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources page for our Doctor of Nursing Program (DNP). Here, you can access essential documents like the DNP Student Nursing Handbook and Section IV Policies to guide you through your academic journey. Check out the DNP Completion Rates to see the success rates of our graduates, and explore the Job Outlook section to understand the promising career prospects awaiting you after your completion of the program. Utilize these resources to maximize your educational experience and prepare effectively for your future in nursing:

DNP Student Nursing HandbookSection IV PoliciesDNP Completion Rates

Job Outlook

With a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP), you are qualified for a variety of advanced roles in the nursing and healthcare fields. Here are some potential job opportunities:

  1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN): This includes roles such as Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Anesthetists, and Nurse Midwives. DNPs are often sought after for their expertise in specialized areas of medicine.
  2. Healthcare Executive: DNPs can hold leadership and administrative positions in healthcare organizations, such as Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Nursing, or healthcare system executive.
  3. Nursing Educator: DNPs are well-equipped to teach at the university level and can contribute to the education of the next generation of nurses, both in academic and clinical settings.
  4. Health Policy Expert: DNPs can work in policy development, helping to shape health policy through research and advocacy roles at local, state, or national levels.
  5. Clinical Researcher: With their advanced knowledge, DNPs can lead or participate in clinical research projects, contributing to the advancement of medical science and clinical practice.
  6. Consultant: DNPs may work as consultants in healthcare firms or as independent consultants, providing expertise to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, or integrate new technologies and treatments.

These roles leverage the high level of clinical expertise and leadership skills that our DNP program aims to cultivate, allowing graduates to significantly impact healthcare delivery and outcomes.