Governors State University is packed with programs, activities and services – all designed to make your college experience here richer and more satisfying. The more you know, the more you’ll want to get involved.

<b>Student Engagement</b>

Student Engagement

We want you to get the most out of your time at Governors State. That’s why we have an entire office and staff dedicated to student programs, organizations, services, and events. For more information, head to the Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Programs webpage.

<b>On-Campus Living</b></a>

On-Campus Living

Prairie Place, the first on-campus residence at Governors State, recently opened in Fall 2014.  Form great friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime.  This is a true living and learning community.

<b>Fitness and Recreation</b>

Fitness and Recreation

Staying fit can help keep you at the top of your academic game.  When you are a student at GovState you’ll find fitness and recreation opportunities.  There are also team sports, special events, and classes.

<b>Intercultural Programs</b>

Intercultural Programs

At Governors State, you’ll find students and faculty who look just like you – or completely different.  That’s one of our great strengths as a university.  We learn new points of view from each other. 


The Campus Café is located in the middle of everything – a great place to grab a meal or snack. There are specials every day, plus a salad bar, soup, and pizza. You’ll also find vending machines with beverages and snacks located across the campus.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagementis one of our core values at Governors State. In our new Civic Engagement and Community Service Center you’ll find our community service programs to get involved in and service-learning activities.

Health and Counseling

We know your focus at Governors State University is on getting the most out of your classes and working toward a degree that will help you get that great career or promotion. But that doesn’t mean that other aspects of your life don't also make big demands on your time and energy.

Career Services

From the day you take your first class at GovState, we’re focused on getting you started on a great career – from advice on choosing that career to selecting the major that will prepare you to succeed. We’re also your resource for help with resume writing, interview skills, and workshops.

Campus Safety

Governors State ranks as the safest public university campus in Illinois. If you include public university campuses in northwest Indiana, we’re still number one. Safety is a big priority here. And it shows. Visit the National Center for Education Statistics and compare us to any college or university in the region.

Student Affairs

From the day you’re accepted, the GovState Division of Student Affairs is your on-campus resource. Starting with Welcome Week and Orientation to our Leadership Institute or Career Services, from clubs to special events, we’re here to make your college experience rich and memorable.