When writing a research paper it is necessary to know how to properly incorporate sources into your paper. Below is information that will help you use research in an effective manner.


Writing a paper using  ideas and knowledge from outside sources (anything that is not your own and that is not common knowledge) can lead to plagiarism if not documented properly or paraphrased appropriately.  For more information on what plagiarism is, how to document sources, and how to properly paraphrase, please view the links below. 

Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quotations

Paraphrasing and summarizing are essential skills to learn in order to write a paper.  For more information on paraphrasing and summarizing information, please view the links below.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing


Quotations can add emphasis to a paper that a paraphrase of the information may not allow for, so it can be beneficial to use quotations in your paper.  However, we caution you from using too many.  Limit the number of quotations in your paper; only use quotations when needed.

Too many quotations makes for a paper that is only be a replica of someone else's thoughts because it does not include any of your own thoughts.  For more information on quotations and incoporating them in to your paper please view the links below.

    Quotations (From University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign)
    Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources (From University of Wisconsin-Madison)