The Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator can design specialized training programs to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Some possible topics include:

Quality Concepts


Focus on quality is essential in today’s business. Quality of products and services come from processes carried out under total quality management.

We can provide training in total quality management, extending to the basic tools of quality, statistical analysis, lean and six sigma methodologies, 5 S and kaizen, and value stream mapping. We can also provide insights into the Baldrige Award framework and ISO 9000 certification.


Session 1:
Statistical Process Control
Acceptance Sampling
Process Capability

Session 2:
Baldrige Quality Framework
Continuous Improvement
Cost of Quality
ISO 9000

Session 3:
5S and kaizen
Lean Production
Six Sigma
Theory of Constraints
Value Stream Mapping


Individuals new to quality management, process leaders and those championing business excellence. There are no prerequisites but a basic understanding of quality management principles will be useful.

Quality Management
Training Classes: Hybrid or Online
Time Commitment: One-day
Price: $700

Lean Six Sigma


Quality that leads to customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Lean Six Sigma.

Whether in manufacturing or healthcare, quality outcomes set apart an organization. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate program focuses on both Advanced Lean Techniques and Six Sigma "Green Belt" methodologies to make consistent quality a reality guiding teams to new levels of cohesiveness. Detailed and real-world examples of lean thinking will help quality control professionals integrate theories of business, statistics, and the elimination of waste with the goal of achieving tangible results. Six Sigma methods include project planning and various statistical tools to equip the student as a recognized practitioner of Lean Six Sigma at their organization.

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Who would benefit from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Manufacturing professionals: Anyone looking to remove or reduce waste and streamline manufacturing processes for optimal product output and improved customer satisfaction.

Healthcare professionals: Lean healthcare is a growing focus due to the need to implement government mandates, improve patient safety, quality, and satisfaction, optimize financials, improve physician/hospital relations, and help implement new technology.

Why is Lean Six Sigma useful for businesses?

Global Competition: Are you gaining market share and sustaining that growth?

Journey: Are you on a lean journey or chasing the “flavor of the month?”

Customers: Are your employees ready and able to exceed your customer expectations today, tomorrow and in the future?


Tricia Kerns, EdD, College of Business Faculty

Governors State University’s College of Business has received one of the most distinguished honors awarded to any business education program in the world: accreditation from AACSB International—the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Fewer than 5% of the 16,000 business schools worldwide have received AACSB accreditation, which is considered the hallmark of excellence in business education.

Funding Available: This is a WIOA Approved Program - click for information on how to qualify.

Operations Management


Operations Management is about how to deliver the right product/service to the right customer at the right time, right location, and the right price. This course provides the fundamental concepts and principles needed to succeed in manufacturing and/or service operations.

This course emphasize the alignment of operations decisions with the corporate strategy. It introduces how to use operations tools, techniques, and methodologies to solve operational problems to achieve an organization’s strategies and goals. Modules of the course cover knowledge of operational strategy and supply chain management, inventory management, operational process analysis, forecasting and business planning.


  • Identify important aspects of operations management and supply chain management
  • Understand the principles of inventory management, purchasing strategy, and lean techniques
  • Analyze business processes to derive effective process management strategies
  • Discuss forecasting methods, and demonstrate its application in aggregate planning, and master production scheduling


Module 1: Operations Management

  • Operations management and cooperate strategy
  • Supply chain management

Module 2: Inventory Management

  • Inventory management fundamentals
  • Inventory replenishment management
  • Purchasing management and sourcing strategies
  • Inventory and lean operation system
  • Inventory performance measurement

Module 3: Process Analysis

  • Processes and operations
  • Product and process design
  • Purchasing management and sourcing strategies

Module 4: Forecasting and Operations Planning

  • Forecasting
  • Planning foundations
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Master scheduling


Managers and employees who are looking to develop working skills of the operations area in a manufacturing or service organization. There are no prerequisites, but a basic understanding of management and accounting principles will be beneficial.