Anthony Andrews Ph.D.

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I came to Governors State University after a working as an international regional economist, primarily in Africa. Most of my work centered on major macro and micro economic issues. My consultancies carried me to 16 countries in Africa and Europe, mostly with UN organizations such as FAO, ILO, UNICEF, and UNDP. Thus, I had an opportunity to utilize concepts I learned in graduate school and apply them to real world situations. I never realized how important this would be when I took an academic position at Governors State University.

My appointment to GSU came via a presentation at an international conference, where I was asked to interview for an appointment as a Visiting Professorship in the Colleges of Business and Public Administration and Arts and Sciences. Not know anything about the university, I took the advice of my wife who indicated that she knew of student transfers from GSU to Northwestern University. These were credentials enough for me to accept the position and I have now been a member of the faculty for 19 years.

What I found when I came to GSU was a distinguished faculty and anxious students wanting to learn. My first observation was that the institution had a great deal of potential for growth and development, and I felt that I could contribute to this process. I am now seeing all that I hoped the university would attain: transition to a four-year institution, on-campus housing, and new and younger faculty with great potential to make GSU one the state’s leading academic institutions. In addition, the recent addition of the BS and BA in Economics is something I feel will increase the competitiveness of the university.


I have always focused on development economics and industrial organization. As for my research, I have continued in applied areas that focus on development planning, location theory, and developed a new area of research in Water Economics, the latter as a Research Fellow with the the Purdue Water Institute, where I have written public policy papers on highly technical water-intensive firms, forecasting water withdrawals from Lake Michigan, and advising NW Indiana non-governmental organizations on firm location strategies. A great deal of my research enters into my lectures as examples of such economic concepts as externalities, comparative advantage location-dependent resources, and firm competition strategies for location and profit-maximization. However, recruiting and working with new faculty to develop the Economics majors was an exciting experience.

Finally, I consider my most important accomplishments to focus on mentoring students to continue to pursue terminal degrees, which I can currently count three who have completed or currently in the dissertation stage.

Community Service
I currently sit on the Advisory Board of Urban Ministries, Inc., a major publisher of Christian education and Sunday School materials. Here I am part of a team of ministers whose responsibility is to provide guidance to the organizations planning strategies. This links very closely with my academic teaching.

Outside Interests

My hobby is building model airplanes and my sports activity is squash (when I can find a squash court).


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