Daniel Cortese, Ph.D.

  Full Professor
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  Office Location: E2530A
  Office Hours: Wed. & Thu. 2 - 4 p.m. by WebEx appt.
  College: CAS

Sociology - Minor
Gender and Sexuality Studies - Minor
Gender and Sexuality Studies - Bachelor of Arts
Anthropology and Sociology - Bachelor of Arts



Social Psychology
Qualitative Methods



"As a Sociology professor, my scholarly inquiries address broad questions on how social institutions play a pivotal role in how we construct our self-identities. My most recent research analyzes how and why the tobacco industry creates cigarette brand identities in symmetry with target market identities so that in many ways the cigarette brand is linked so closely with young adult lifestyles and identities that it is almost as addictive as the nicotine. My approach to sociology imbues my expertise in social movements and social psychology to develop multi-methodological approaches to understand social problems to equip communities with knowledge, prompt the questions and inspire others through my research and teaching and encourage the same in others so everyone becomes more active and respectful member in civil society.

If you've ever seen me in action when teaching one of my sociology courses at GSU, then you'll likely not be surprised when you hear that my dream was to be a television weather forecaster and a stage performer-preferably in a dramatic comedy. For me, all I needed was an audience and a topic, and I would be prepared to put on a show. However, my life trajectory changed when I took an Introduction to Sociology course in my sophomore year as a "requirement."

What excites me most about sociology it is that it never stops enticing me with its questions, surprising me with its results, and provoking me to find solutions to some of the world's most complex problems like:

  • How do lesbian and gay social movements strategically use "straight identities" to achieve political goals?
  • Why do some social movement participants see themselves as "activists" and others do not?
  • How do tobacco corporations study and interpret what it means to be a man, and use that masculine identity to sell cigarettes so that to quit smoking means to "quit himself?"

As I researched the last question above, I met the former Surgeon General Dr. Rich Carmona (2002 - 2006). As a token of appreciation, he signed the Surgeon General's Warning on a box of Marlboro cigarettes that I collected for the research project. This serves as a reminder for me-a smoker of 10 years-why I quit. It is in my office, so come in and take a look.

Are you wondering if I ever regret not having an audience and putting on a show? No. That's because being a professor at Governors State University provides me the audience and the discipline gives me the never-ending topics for me to put on a show. The only difference is that unlike my earlier dream, as a Sociology professor at Governors State University, I get to be an audience member to your emphatic performances when you show how sociology answers YOUR burning questions. Take that, TV weather forecaster!"

- Daniel Cortese, Ph.D.

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2015 Research Subcontractor, “Content Analysis of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Use in Twitter and Instagram #Selfies,” $12,496.00. Collaborating Institution: Health Media Collaboratory, University of Illinois, Chicago.
2014 – 15 Undergraduate Research Program Grant, “Same As It Ever Was: Similarities Between E-Cigarette and Conventional Cigarette Advertising,” $1,000.00
2010 – 11 University Research Grant, “Pilot Study on Anti-Circumcision Movement,” $3,000.00.


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2013 "I'm a "Good" Activist, You're a "Bad" Activist, and Everything I Do Is Activism: How Activists Describe Their Activism and (Re)Construct Meaning to an "Activist" Identity," formal paper session at Midwestern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
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Select Invited Lectures
2018 “Trump’s ‘Brand’ of Masculinity,” Invited Lecture at Concordia University in Masculinities (SOC/CRJ 4910), River Forest, IL, February 15.
2016 “Poverty and Health Care,” Invited Lecture at Governors State University in Integrative Physical Therapy Seminar III (PHYT 7730), University Park, IL, October 10.
2015 “Good Slut or Bad Slut: Media Representation of Female Sexuality in United States,” Invited Lecture at Governors State University in Introduction to Gender Studies (GNSX 2100), University Park, IL, October 22.
2015 “Integrating Service Learning into the Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum,” Invited Panelist at Governors State University, University Park, IL, April 15.
2013 “What's Your Career Edge?: Reflections From an Alumnus on a Summer Abroad in Italy,” Invited Lecture at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, May 12.
2012 “Love the Way You Lie: Understanding Crime and Victims in the Media using Social Psychology,” Guest Lecture in Victims in the Justice System (CJUS 435) course, Governors State University, June 4.
2009 “Corporate Greed: Influence of Big Pharma on Doctors’ Prescriptions,” TALE Adult Education, Governors State University, October 23.
2009 “Things that I Wish I Knew Before which I Know Now,” Teaching and Learning American Sociological Association Pre-Conference Workshop, San Francisco, California, August 7.
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2016 Excellence in Innovation Award for “Promoting High Quality Discussion with VoiceThread, Faculty Summer Institute, Governors State University.
2015 Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honors Society Fellowship Award. $500.00
2014 Intellectual Life Grant, Governors State University: “Undergraduate Civic Engagement Seed Money to Launch Tobacco-Free Campus 2015.” $1,000.00
2011 Intellectual Life Grant, Governors State University: “Gender Matters Conference
Honorarium,” $500.00
1998 American Sociological Society Honors Program
1997 Distinguished Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York
1997 Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York
1997 Golden Key National Honor Society, Stony Brook University,
Stony Brook, New York
1996 Phi Beta Kappa, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York