Miwa Ito

  Assistant Professor
  708-534-4573ext. 4573
  Office Location: E2540
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  College: CAS

Human Communication - Minor
Communication Media and Performance
Communication - Master of Arts
Communication - Bachelor of Arts
Division of Arts and Letters



Miwa Ito is a social scientist studying organizational communication, specifically intraorganizational communication processes. The goal of her research is to enhance individuals’ productivity in the workplace by exploring contemporary communication problems that they are facing. She is interested in how relational and contextual factors are negotiated and influence communicative behaviors in the workplace. A problem-driven approach and synthesis of knowledge in fields of communication, management, and psychology characterize her studies.

Courses Ito taught include organizational communication, group communication, communication research methods, workplace relationships, communication dynamics, public speaking, and business and professional communication. Her teaching values practical application and multiplicity of perspectives, which helps students to flexibly apply their knowledge to real-world contexts.



Ph.D., Communication, Wayne State University, 2022
M.S., Communication, North Dakota State University, 2014
M.A., Communication Studies, University of Kansas, 2011
B.A., English, Dokkyo University, 1997

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