Walter Henne, Ph.D.

  Full Professor
  708-235-7395ext. 7395
  Office Location: Office F2306 | Lab F2600
  College: CAS

Chemistry Education - Certificate
Chemistry - Minor
Chemistry - Bachelor of Science
Analytical Chemistry - Master of Science



Bio-Analytical and Biological Chemistry


My research interests center around the use of low molecular weight, high affinity ligands/probes for the development of targeted drug therapies and medical diagnostic assays. Areas span infectious disease, cancer and inflammatory disorders. My labs are full of gadgets and every research tool imaginable for students to use. We strive to have a lot of fun while saving the world! Research and course students have been highly successful under my mentorship including acceptance into top ranked doctoral, medical, dental, physician's assistant, veterinary medicine programs and are leaders in local and international companies. As a GSU alumnus, I consider my former students members of my extended academic family and thrive on their lifelong accomplishments.

Given my background as an industrial analytical chemist and inventor, practical approaches and everyday examples play an integral part in my instructional and research activities. Below are typical student evaluations: 

"Great instructor!  He offers real-life applications to textbook study.  Lecture notes, study guides and past tests posted on Blackboard were extremely beneficial to truly understanding this material. Dr. Henne responds to emails quickly and is really appreciated."

"Working with different levels of technology was incredible, hands on and easy to understand."

- Walter Henne, Ph.D.


Low PS, He W, Henne WA, Doorneweerd DD, Cheng JX, Multiphoton in vivo flow cytometry method and device. US Patent, 2014. 8,795,633

Henne WA,* Kularatne SA, Hakenjos J, Carron JD, Henne KL. Synthesis and activity of a folate targeted monodisperse PEG camptothecin conjugate. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2013; 23(21), 5810-3. *corresponding author


Board of Trustees Faculty Representative
Faculty Senator