The minor in criminal justice offers students in other majors a broad social and behavioral approach important to the understanding of crime.

Students will also gain a general understanding of the processes, contingencies, and policy issues relevant to each component of the criminal justice system and its agencies. A minor in criminal justice will generally enhance the prospects of students for employment and for admission to graduate or professional studies.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor.

In addition, students must complete the following:

Required Courses (18 Hours)

Complete up to nine (9) hours of lower division criminal justice coursework at Governors State University or as transfer equivalents to the following, each with a grade of “C” or better:

  • CJUS 2100 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • CJUS 2200 Introduction to Corrections (3)
  • CJUS 2300 Introduction to Juvenile Justice (3)
  • CJUS 2360 Judicial Process and Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice (3)
  • CJUS 2400 Policing Foundations (3)

Complete a minimum of nine (9) hours of upper division course work at Governors State University from the following courses in the undergraduate Criminal Justice curriculum, each earning a grade of “C” or better:

  • CJUS 3099 Junior Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)
  • CJUS 3100 Foundations of Social Justice (3)
  • CJUS 3250 Foundations of Restorative Justice (3)
  • CJUS 3440 Exploring Ethics in the Justice System (3)
  • CJUS 4100 Theories of Crime and Deviance (3)
  • CJUS 4465 Comparative International Criminal Justice Systems (3)

Total - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Ivan Soto

Ivan Soto
Academic Advisor, Senior Status
Phone: 708-534-8045
Office Location: C3395


Minor in Criminal Justice Faculty