The Value of an Internship

Completing an internship provides many benefits in preparing you for employment after graduation and can be an important step in reaching your career goals. The College of Business offers opportunity for academic credit internships, approved by the Division Chair and supported by COB faculty. Internships provide on-the-job learning where students apply the technology skills and terminology of their field and learn how to adapt to a professional culture. An internship also builds valuable work experience on your resume to help you “standout” in a competitive job market. Internships are one of the most effective paths to a new job in your career field.

The Career Services office can also help you with many resources.


<b>COB Internship Guide</b>

COB Internship Guide

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<b>COB Internship Application Process</b>

COB Internship Application Process

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<b>COB Internship Printable Application</b>

COB Internship Printable Application

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<b>COB Student Success Stories</b>

COB Student Success Stories

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<b>Business Networking and Organizations</b>

Business Networking and Organizations

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<b>Resume Examples</b>

Resume Examples

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<b>Dress for Success</b>

Dress for Success

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<b>Effective Interview Tips</b>

Effective Interview Tips

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<b>Other GovState Resources</b>

Other GovState Resources

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