Effective Interviewing Tips  

First impression is a key factor in an interview. Body language and what you wear can be just as important as what you say and do in an interview.

Come prepared Research the company, and bring multiple copies of you resume. Carry a folder with company materials and materials to take notes.

Practice interviewing with friends or family. They should ask you questions like:

Tell me about yourself

What are your skills?

What are your career goals?

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

A variety of questions so you can practice appropriate responses.

Shake hands when introduced and look the interviewer in the eye when speaking.

Appear confident and show respect such as addressing people as Mr. or Ms., not first names.

This is the time to focus on presenting the information that you have prepared and planned for. Being prepared will also build your confidence.

Articulate your answers clearly. If you don’t know the answer say you don’t know but will find out and then follow through.

Ask simple questions when the time is appropriate such as how long the internship is for. This shows interest.

Thank the interviewer or group members before and after the interview.

Write a thank you note to each member, restating your interest.


COB Internship Guide

COB Internship Guide