The Essential Guide for Writing a Paper offers information regarding a variety of writing concerns students commonly have.

Within the links below you will find help on focus (thesis) statements, outlining, plagiarism, citing, writing concise sentences, the writing process and much, much more!

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Parts of a Paper  
Using Sources  
Proofreading and Editing


A highly important aspect of academic writing involves avoiding plagiarism, the intentional or unintentional theft of another's intellectual ideas.  For detailed information on  paraphrasing/summarizing information that will help writers avoid issues of plagiarism, please visit: A Statement on Plagiarism

In addition, whenever any information is borrowed from another source and properly paraphrased, the writer still needs to include an in-text citation and a reference page, indicating the origins of the information to the reader.  For additional details on citation and referencing, please visit our page on Documentation Styles