Program Overview

Want to earn your bachelor's degree and law degree in only six years? Enroll in Governors State University's and Southern Illinois University's joint degree program and you will save both time and money on your path to graduating with both!

Applicable GovState Programs

You may choose one of the following applicable GovState undergraduate programs to begin your enrollment in the law school joint degree program and earn your bachelor's degree:

How to Apply

Admission into the law school joint degree program is a separate process from university admission. To participate in the program. you will need to complete the following list of requirements to participate in the program:

First Year Student Requirements for GovState Admission

    • Meet Core Curriculum requirements.

    • Must be in the Pre-Law Minor.

    • A minimum of 90 credit hours of coursework in the first 3 years as an undergraduate before beginning the law school curriculum.

    • 30 credits required to complete the 120 credits for the undergraduate degree earned by completing first-year law classes.

    • Must complete LSAT no later than December of their junior year. Earlier is suggested.

    • Must complete the LSAC application for law school no later than March of the year you plan to start law school.

During your junior year at GSU, you will apply to the SIU School of Law. You will need to meet the following criteria to be admitted into the SIU School of Law:

Admission Requirements for SIU School of Law Joint Degree Program

    • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.4

    • A Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score of 154 (60th percentile)

The SIU School of Law will notify you of an admissions decision in a timely fashion to allow for scheduling your senior year courses in an appropriate timeframe.

After admission to the School of Law at SIU, you will proceed with completing the following steps:

Post-Admission Requirements for SIU School of Law Joint Degree Program

    • Complete your first semester.

    • Apply for graduation with GSU during the break between your first and second terms of law school.

    • Submit an official transcript upon completion of first year of law school.

    • Submit final official transcript to SIU for full admission and to demonstrate completion of bachelor's degree.

Reminder: You will be required for the submission of transcripts to GSU and the SIU School of Law, as well as all application, graduation, and testing fees.

Visualize Your Pathway to Graduation

From your admission to GovState, to graduating from SIU, visualize your journey towards both degrees:

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