Welcome to the student lens on news at Governors State University and the Chicago Southland! Newly renamed ArtSci, the CAS Newsmagazine is a shining example of GSU's hallmark: empowering exceptionally driven students to produce outstanding creations born of their experiences and knowledge.

Welcome to the sixth annual issue of the College of Arts and Sciences newsmagazine, ArtSci. I would like to frame my comments this year – a year of transitions, characterized by uncertainty as we continue navigating the pandemic and the impacts of long-standing social inequities on the communities we serve – through the words of our own students. In the pages that follow, student contributors invite us, individually and collectively, to be part of the solutions to our society’s many problems: “Will it be you?” “What will you bring to the table?” If you are not already, I welcome you to become an active part of our CAS community. If you are already a member, please continue welcoming others into our ever-growing community. Our incredible diversity serves as both a reflection of, and an invitation to, the shared future of the United States. And our College’s use of high impact practices – such as this student-written newsmagazine and the multiple examples of collaborative, hands-on research projects it highlights – provides our students with the skills that employers desire, and our communities with well-prepared leaders.

We are again indebted to ArtSci’s faculty advisor Dr. Christopher White (English) and his team of dedicated students – Ansam Abdeljaber (English MA), Maria Blatt (English BA), Brandon Green (Finance MBA), Alexis Robinson (English BA), and Saad Shalabi (English MA)– whose stories illustrate only some of the many examples of impactful, experiential opportunities that the College of Arts and Sciences provides for its students. In this issue you’ll learn more about how GSU faculty and students are engaged in following the science in education, public health, and conservation, and how we are working to amplify and preserve the stories of our communities through local journalism, personal narratives, and oral histories.

 (see the full letter from Interim Dean Zingsheim on page 2 of ArtSci)

 Interim Dean Jason Zingsheim                                                                      

 - Dr. Jason Zingsheim, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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