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GSU Writing Fellows are committed to working alongside peers, faculty, and students across disciplines in order to foster effective writing practices in the classroom. We hope to improve the understanding of writing as a continual learning process and a developed skill. Fellows are dedicated to fostering an environment of open communication between students and faculty in order that the process of becoming betters writers becomes a collaborative effort. Fellows are dedicated to providing support, guidance, and encouragement to students and faculty in writing intensive courses by developing classroom- and discipline-specific programs such as writing workshops, peer revisions, and individual tutoring sessions.



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 Hello! My name is Haley and I am the Graduate Assistant for the Writing Fellows. The program offers me invaluable experience towards my career goals of being an English professor when I finish my Masters in English. My work with the Writing Fellows have given me the unique advantage to view how writing functions across the university and to see how the threshold concepts and writing theories I have learned in class and training function in real life. Some of my favorite moments are 


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The Fellows handbook details all the policies and practices that apply to Fellows.



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Handouts and Presentations

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