Sexual assault is not just a woman’s issue; it impacts everyone.

Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault.  Is is likely that you will know someone who is a survivor of sexual assault: a friend, family member, and/or partner.

  • Do not remain silent, do not look the other way.  Become an “active bystander”, confront friends who are becoming disrespectful or abusive.

  • People often turn to their friends for support and understanding after an assault.  Your support can aid their recovery.

  • Individuals can be assaulted by same sex identified individuals or by someone of another gender identity. It is important that survivors seek services no matter who and talk with someone about what has happened.
  • For positive change to occur, it is critical for you to become involved as part of the solution, rather than continuing to be viewed as “the problem”.  You become a part of the solution by educating yourself on the issue, confronting negative behavior of friends, and challenging behaviors and attitudes that may lead to sexual assault.

  • Interrupt actions, comments or jokes that support rape culture.